Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bhaveen Sheth living the life of a rebel and non comformist


The picture above will mention it all. The reality that is faced by people who refuse to live by the so called double standards of the Indian society. I am one of them.

32 years old, still single, homeless without a family, I fit into the profile of a non conformist and there are many more like me who have chosen this path. Men from dysfunctional families, divorced and separated men and many more.

As a non conformist , I do get criticized for the way I live, but tell you what, I don't care. Why should I???? Living life on my on terms in not a crime, I fail to understand then why does my lifestyle become a problem to others?????

I choose not to confirm to the social mores  of this society, I choose to life an independent life where I can explore this vast country. Let people say what they want, I don't care.