Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bhaveen Sheth-DOTSIM:Are you marriage material???? Are you ready to take up the responsibility of Marriage???

DOTSIM stands for the Diary of the Single Indian Male:

How do I begin and what do I say. This something difficult to ask the average Indian man and of course to the above average and below average Indian male.

Strange are the ways of life and even stranger are the ways of the Indian Society. But before we embark on the Journey of this discussion and sharing my Gyaan (Knowledge), i would like to explain what does "Marriage Material" mean.

Marriage Material means that you posses the qualities of being eligible for marriage, that you are physically, mentally, socially and psychologically prepared to get married and take responsibilities. You put your family above everything, your spouse has to become the most important person in your life, you make sacrifices to make your marriage work.

And so I ask this question once again to the single Indian Male, are you ready to take the responsibility to get married????

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bhaveen Sheth-DOTSIM-Awaiting my relocation to a Metro City

DOTSIM stands for the diary of the Single Indian Male:

Not a day goes by when i don't think of a Metro city, of how i would be happy relocating out there, working in a good organization, enjoying all the modern amenities that a Metropolitan City has to offer. WOW!!!!! Just Amazing.

At present i am living in a semi-urban city. It has all the amenities that is required for a normal person to live life and enjoy, however after some point of time this semi-urban town just sucks. One gets bored living out here.

One of the greatest problems with tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India is that the people still have that backward traditional Indian mentality. They find it difficult to accept a Single Indian Male living alone all by himself , the same applies to a single woman.

My lifestyle itself is perceived as eccentric by them. Not to forget that such small cities and towns offer very little amenities to a single man who is looking to chill out after work.

There are hardly any good libraries, bookshops, eat outs, cinemas, cultural activities and events, malls and what not. Just nothing. I don't even have an access to better Internet facility, just that BSNL, where getting a connection in today's date is like applying for a telephone facility the 60's or the 70's.

And how i think of those Modern cities, the life and the vibrant people that i plan to meet in the near future. That fun of working along with competent people.

The small city people complain of the difficulties and complexities put up by a city life. The hectic travel, the struggle and well what ever. There is no shortage of whiners and complainers in my country.

I do understand that there are problems and challenges faced by a person living in a city. But it won't be much for me, the single Indian male. No wife, no kids , just me relocating somewhere.

I dream and i dream and promise myself to buy a residential apartment in one of those gated communities of a city that provides all facilities. I dream of having that hall where i can come back from work, relax and watch a good movie on a flat screen interactive television. Taking a hot shower in that jacuzzi and having a small pint of royal scotch or a hot coffee.

And what fun would it be just going around, touring the big city, walking through the malls, getting invited to social functions, attending parties, catching up with some good movies in multiplexes, watching plays, exploring eateries spread around in the city, taking photographs of the life going by.

My imagination is endless, but there is this hope kindled in my heart and everyday i promise myself that one fine day i will go to that big city. I will relocate to the City of my dreams and make my life.

Till then i work everyday to develop my skills and work on each and every area where i can make my self competent. I take this period of my life as a training and redeeming period and everyday i work on myself to make my self a better person.

So that one day i can relocate to a big city  and live the life of my dreams.

This is Bhaveen Sheth signing off for the day , will be back with a lot.

Bhaveen Sheth

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bhaveen Sheth: Violence Inflicted by the Indian Women on Males

DOTSIM stands for Diary of the Single Indian Male.

Today I would like to share my thoughts of the violence that women inflict on men in our Honourable Indian Society.

A lot has been discussed on how violent Indian men are, on the atrocities committed by men on the female population of this country. Media, Newspapers and the Internet is filled with all such stuff.

But does anyone speak of the violence that the female population does on its men????? No, this does not come out in the open.

Because the violence is not physical so it can never be noticed or deciphered.

The violence is mental and emotional in nature that drives any man to an extreme level of insanity and makes him  a lunatic.

I have seen it and seen it all. It is amazing how a women especially the Indian species can be meticulous and dexterous in inflicting unprecedented harm on their men.

One strong weapon that they commonly use is nagging, constantly nagging their man , comparing him with others.

It is sad to see that there are millions of Men who have go through this form of unspoken violence on a day to day basis and yet they chose to remain quiet and go on with their daily lives.

Do you  Indian women realize what we the males undergo when you nag us, scold us, put us down and criticize us especially when you are ones whom we have given our heart to.

Everyday you tell us that we are incompetent, useless, good for nothing and what not. We are worthless Husbands and irresponsible fathers. Our hard earned salaries cannot satisfy your greed and hunger for materialistic things.
Our increments and bonuses hardly put up a decent smile on your face. You just want more , more and more.

But i would like to ask you a decent question???

You want us to achieve the heaven for you and you don't even put a single effort in working equally in getting a good income. Why??? You think yourself to be a fairy princess living her life in a dreamland???

You don't like the way we look, they way we dress, the way we eat, they way we go about doing our work. Then why did you fall in love and marry us in the first place???

Aren't you happy that you are still married and have a husband who takes care of you and protects you especially in a society which is ignominiously famous for heinous crimes against women.

And when things don't work out you go an file criminals cases against your husbands under the sections of dowry prohibitions act and domestic violence act. You use all the clauses under the Hindu marriage act to get maximum alimony from your husband. You make his life miserable by washing your dirty linen in public an brand you husban to be a criminal.

And of course if you happen to have depressive mentalities and end up committing suicide , you write your husbands/boyfriends name in the suicide note. you end up going to hell but you make his life a living hell.

You the Indian woman who lives single in a Metro city and watches the sitcoms of sex in the city gets fantasized by it and tries sexual experimentation, you sleep with a man unknown to you, you go and have a live in relationship with him and then suddenly you realize that you are the Indian Woman who wants to get married and have babies,you propose marriage to your live in partner and he flatly refuses. So what do you do, go and file a rape case against your live in partner and claim that you were sexually exploited on the pretext of marriage. What do you get by tarnishing some innocents guys image in the society????

You  go around doing your slutting and whoring  and then claim innocence like some sati savitri bhartiya nari.

The same applies in workplace and promotion, you don't mind sleeping with that boss of yours to get promotions and increments , but one fine day when he stops showing interest in you, you file rape charges against him. You did not mind yourself being raped when you were being given the benefits???? Gosh!!!! What double standards you Indian Women have. I am astonished.

But then I hardly say anything , myself being a passive member of this society. i just observe and see what gruesome violence the women inflict on the men of the Indian Society.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bhaveen Sheth-DOTSIM-On becoming the Desirable Male

DOTSIM stands for Diary of the Single Indian Male.

The last 3 months months have been a roller coaster ride for me. It is just that some days ago, i seriously looked at myself in the mirror and realized to my utter horror that i had gained weight and had acquired an expanding girth. I just hated it. I hated to see myself gaining weight and becoming fat. So i decided that it was enough and made a decision to become lean once and for all.

As the single Indian Male who has decided to remain single unless someone falls in love with me truly, madly and deeply, i have this goal of being a desired person.

And i would say that all the single Indian Men should become desired and why not. I was lost in the train of thought this morning and realized that if you want to be desired you have to work for it.

Furiously as i type my thoughts and feelings on my computer on a humid Sunday evening, i feel more and more attuned towards my goals of becoming a desired person in the coming years, of being desired and admired by both the younger and older women.

To the feminists especially the Indian creed reading this post, please note that I am not a misogynist and by the statement of the Indian Constitution i am bestowed the the right of free speech.

Being single is no longer a stigma in the Society, many people are happy living single and they are enjoying every moment of it.

But there are times when we the single men need some sort of companionship, we need to have an affair (even though it may be short term), we need to fulfill our basic needs.

In short i would like to say that we also have the desire and the right to have sex. 

Now c'mon don't raise your eyebrows and be surprised, i am not being a pervert, remaining single  does not mean that we have to follow celibacy and remain virgins for our entire lives. That is for nuns and monks, not normal men like us.

So what one needs to do to become a desirable man once he is single and in his 30's , 40's and 50's.

First thing, that I intend to do and i expect my single Indian male brethren  to follow suit is to work on your fitness. Work and work hard. Jog, run, hit the gym , lift weights, do endless cardio, eat right, stop drinking. 

SCULPT YOUR BODY, it is never late, remember, Aamir Khan in Gajhini, he did it in his 40's, so what are we waiting for on i would say what am i waiting for.

Women love a sculpted body, something which is becoming rare in India. Once a man enters his 30's he ends up acquiring a a pot belly that will even put a none month pregnant woman to shame.

Secretly women have wild desires of making love a man having a sculpted body. In India most of them don't have that privilege, married to pathetic rotten men, these men turn to be awful in bed. All the end up doing is WHAM BAM THANYOU MAM. No foreplay and no post coital love and caressing.

Well , i have set up this goal that in the coming years i want a sculpted body, no matter what.

The second thing is read, read and read. Nothing can substitute the written word, the more you read, the more intellectual you become. You can quote words, one liners and jokes. Imagine , just imagine, what happens when you set a woman laughing. I am a avid reader and i very well know that when it comes to words and language , i can seduce a woman through it. But this means speaking and quoting the elitist english. (however it may not apply to the country Gujarati bens and the Punjabi Kudis) because their level of intellect is far below it.

Talks on interesting topics can stimulate the mind of a woman, and yes women do dig for intellectual men. Many women especially in India are married of through the pathetic system of arranged marriage to a looser, yes the Looser Indian males, who are not worth a penny or pound outside the functional domain of their jobs. 

I want to travel and travel the length and breadth of this country. Explore places and of course meet the diverse women of this Country. Traveling to different place makes you look like and interesting man. Imagine posting photos of myself on different social networking sites and writing on blog posts on my travels. There is always something interesting about the lone ranger especially if he happens to have a thin lean sculpted body and appears intellectual from his talk and seduces woman with his words. HMMMM now that's a package deal.

And last but the mostly the most important one, learn the art of love making. But that did not mean that you go an watch worthless porn movies. I meant to say learn real love making. Though I am still a virgin, i love to read some snippets on love making literature, different sex positions, foreplay, getting a woman stimulated, post coital caressing, caring and of being a real gentleman in bed. There are a lot of books available. There is information available online.

And experiment , ohhh i would just love to experiment love making on someone. But please don't go to some prostitute in GB Nagar (Delhi) or Grant Road ( Mumbai).  You don't want to catch STD's , right. I mean find a woman, who just wants sex, she does not have to be beautiful, but if you can go and experiment love making on her , whats the harm. It would be like doing her a favour by experimenting different positions on her.  How many Indian men are really innovative in bed???????? The possibility is that there are just a few.

Yes , I want to become a desirable male , a man who is desired by women in their wildest dreams. A man whom women would dream of having a lovely session of love making. 

I am not ashamed of putting forward my basic need.If women can stay single yet have multiple partners to enjoy have sex with, then why can't we do the same.

Is it a crime to satiate and fulfill my basic desire. So my dear Indian Single male friends, lets take an oath that we work hard and become the desirable Indian Male so that its is the women who desire and chase us and not vice-verse.

This is Bhaveen Sheth signing off for the Day, will be back with a lot more.

Bhaveen Sheth

Bhaveen Sheth-DOTSIM-The Ineligible Bachelor/The Unsuitable Boy

DOTSIM stands for the The Diary of the Single Indian Male.

This Blog Post is a Satirical writeup on myself.

I draw Inspiration from the titles of two books, The Suitable Boy written by Vikram Seth and The Ineligible bachelor written by some chickilit Author.

I am by default an ineligible bachelor/unsuitable boy in the Indian Society, for the brides who are looking for a perfect match and for Parents and the family of a prospective bride who are looking for the perfect son in law or groom, i stand to be an absolute reject.