Monday, June 25, 2012

Bhaveen Sheth-Some Random Thoughts Part 16

I get on to a regular life and start adjusting day by day.

Getting back and starting afresh is not easy but I am happy , the break of some months was really good.

I come across some Ego maniacal People who will themselves not do  anything and wont allow others to do.They have just wasted years of their lives doing nothing and have never developed at all professionally, personally or spiritually.

Why is it that such Old Insecure people feel threatened by the Youngsters who are Hardworking, talented and brilliant?????

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bhaveen Sheth-Proving my Detractors Wrong by Doing the Impossible and the Unexpected

In all the years that have gone by I have come across people, many of them who have been either my colleagues or superiors who have underestimated my Knowledge, Skills and abilities.Some of had even me written me off in the but they were all wrong. 

Time and again I have proved my Detractors wrong by doing the impossible, the unexpected and at times the Outrageous. Yes my dear readers, i have done that and will continue to do that.

The reality is that many people think that just because I am straight forward with people and good to others they can take me for granted, just because I am silent i don't have any abilities and an under performer.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bhaveen Sheth-Living Life out of a Suitcase

As I write and Update my Blog, I go back and have recollections of my Past.Now, I am 30 years old and it has been 15 years since I have been living my Life out of a Suitcase.

Well, what does this term mean? Simple. It means that for the last 15 years I have been Living my life in many places carrying my suitcase, bags and the rest of my belongings all over places.

I am happy to have chosen this path but there are times when I wish i was stable. Anyways, this is not the time to grieve but rejoice and live one's life.

Once you live in a place for more than a year , you tend to develop some sort of attachment, attachment with the place , with its people and rest of the things in general. Leaving the place does cause some anxiety and a sense of loss.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Empty Threats Given by the Indian Society to the Single People

Hi There, finally got the time to post some of my thoughts . This time I will be speaking on the Empty Threats given by our Indian Society to the People (like Me and many others) who choose to stay single.

As I have mentioned before we are either single by choice, destiny or circumstances, so long as we are content with our lives and are not an existential threat to others, we prefer to be left on our own.

But How can that happen, the great Indian Society known for its Ignominious Double standards for whom a dictionary filled with expletives is not enough ,does not allow us to live peacefully.

They( the people of the Indian Society) to Empty threats to make us paranoid. They create  the situation of Apocalypse or the great destruction and all that which will happens in case we remain single.

Some of their Statements are mentioned below.

Monday, June 4, 2012

We the Orphans-Our Thoughts, Feelings and Aspirations

Yes ,We are Orphans. I am an Orphan not by Birth but by destiny and we are Normal Human beings who have get random thoughts, we to0 have feelings and certainly have hopes, aspirations and desires. We would love to share the same with people close to us, but then who is closer to us. We are all alone left to fend for ourselves. No parents, No close family members, no relatives and no permanent home.

In this Blog post i would like to represent our thoughts feeling and aspirations so that the World can know of the same.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bhaveen Sheth-Stanley Ka Dabba- A tribute to Orphans like Me

Stanley ka Dabba, a movie directed by Amol Gupte showing the Story of an Orphaned boy and his Tiffin Box.

Though It shows the story of School Children and  their lives in a School, their Dream, their Aspirations, the underlying theme was to Potray the the lives of exploited underage child workers and Orphaned Children.

Stanley Fernandez plays the role of a School Boy who comes early to School, is friendly with all his classmates, tries his best to impress his teachers and of all things he stays happy in spite of facing all Odds.

Stanley ka Dabba really touched my Heart and it will certainly to all Orphans who will watch this Movie. Its Shows a Lot of problems that are faced by use orphans.

The first thing that Stanley is always asked about his parents and he has no answer to that.He somehow makes up a fictional story about his parents. This is also a common question that is also faced by us Orphans.

As the Movie goes it shows the trials and tribulations of an Orphan. How the Science teacher Ms Iyer despises Stanley and criticizes his innovative efforts that he has put in his Science project and how the Hindi teacher Mr Verma eats the lunches of his students and then one fine day scols, humiliates and Insults Stanley for not bringing his own tiffin box.As an orphan how many times have we been ill treated???? How many times have people criticized even if we have not done anything.

And then there are times when we come across some good Samaritans just like how Stanley finds Miss Rosy who always shows lover, care, understanding and compassion  and not to forget appreciation for Stanley. When Stanley does not show up she misses him and tried to know about his whereabouts.In the Movie there is the Principal of the School who most probably knows the background of Stanley and tries to help him out when need. About Stanley's friends that help him out whenever needed and are always ready to share their Lunch knowing the fact that Stanley cannot bring his own lunch box.And at last not to forget about his coworker who works along with him in a run down Restaurant, of how he understands and empathizes with him.

And lastly comes Stanley himself. He is never bogged down in spite of all odds. He always keeps a smiling face and carries on with his life. This is a lesson that we orphans should learn that no matter what happens we must carry off, no one can take our self confidence and courage from us.

This is Bhaveen Sheth signing of for the day, will be back with some more snippets.

Bhaveen Sheth