Wednesday, April 30, 2014

On Single Indian Men who become a failure on professional and personal fronts

Having written a lot on the positive sides of the single Indian man/male , I , Bhaveen Sheth would today  like to focus today on the single Indian men who have failed both on the personal and professional front
So, who are these men????????? They are smaller in number; however their population is rising day by day.
Here is a basic profile: Mostly in their Mid 30’s and 40’s doing just mediocre jobs, dragging themselves day by day, having no vision on what to do in their lives. Their behavioural traits comprise of frustration, angst, hatred, jealousy, depression, sadness, gloom and many more characteristics of a negative personality.
Time and again, I have come across such type of men. For some reason or the other they just happened to be left out, left out in all aspects of life i.e. education, family, marriage, social integration.
One may never know what actually happened??? Was it a bad family upbringing? Was it a dysfunctional family? Was it the negative influence of bad  peers and friends? Was it a negative personality? Was it the absence of opportunities?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Words of wisdom from a 46 year old single Indian Male

My dear Single Indian Male friends,

There are times when we would like to look up to some seniors or must I say veterans in the league of the single Indian men. However there seem to be none. Looks like the Indian society has made  a decision to hunt down the last single Indian  male and get him married.

However browsing through google for some sensible advice from a middle aged single Indian man, I came upon the following article:

46, Male, Single. And no less fraught

Here is a person in his forty's telling us on how the Indian society treats him. It does not respect his privacy and often taunts him on his single status.

Some of the statements form his article:

They seem to suggest: get married and all your problems will vanish. Do they mean to say married people have no problems? Aha! They do, they do. But problems of the married are somehow more fashionable and more respectable than the problems of single people. Still a bachelor at forty-six, I now realise that my choice to remain single was as smart a move a man chased by a yelping puppy can make by jumping to safety into a pit full of scorpions and cockroaches. (Don’t ask me how they, the stingers and the ticklers, live together. In such a pit, they do!)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

When Indian society turns its men into economic slaves

Browsing through the facebook profile of a person, I came across this video. It was heart wrenching when I watched it and it did bring tears in my eyes.

I dedicate this video to all men of this great country who fight a battle every day, a battle for themselves and their families, I salute the hard work done , the difficulties faced and pain suffered on a daily basis by majority of the Indian men just in order to fit in to the so called norms of the Indian Society.

Please watch this video in the link below:

It is sad, really sad, that the entire media in this country  focuses on women's empowerment, women's upliftment and women's safety.

No one ever focuses on the problems that Indian men have to go through, be it in India or abroad.

Our society at times is really strange. Everyone is made to sacrifice something or the other in order to meet the so called material expectations of the society.

From times immemorial , men in the Indian society have been asked to take responsibilities as a father, brother or son. While the women live within the protective confines of their homes, it is the men who go out and face all kinds of difficulties. Yes, I understand that times have changed and  now even the women have started stepping out, but still things don't change.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

When loneliness and desperation leads to a violent crime

My dear single Indian Male friends,

Last Sunday, I came across this news article in times of India. It stated that a man shot his virtual facebook friend whom he was communicating with for a very long time as he  got frustrated when met her person and felt that he had been cheated:

Please read the article in the link below:

Facebook date turns bloody: Man shoots woman, then kills self

Recent update: An indepth article published in the Indian Express:

It seems that after shooting her , he shot and killed himself.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Single, Orphan, Destitute and a not feeling sorry about it

In less than a month I will complete 32 years of my life on earth. When I look back , I will remember the old times, some filled with happiness and some with sadness.

Everyday I undertake efforts in order to achieve a better life and of course a better standard of living. However time and again, my past doesn't leave me alone, being branded as an orphan makes  it difficult for me to integrate into the mainstream Indian society.

So here I write , once more, on who I am and what I am. I am an Orphan, I am a destitute and I am single, single by choice, single by destiny and single due to ostracization and marginalization done by the Indian society.

And do I feel sorry about it??????? NO!!!! The answer is a plain no!!!!!!!! Why should I feel bad?????Why should I have self pity on myself????? For what??? What wrong have I done????

No,  I am not sorry for myself, my condition and the problems that I face.

With the years going by , my resolve becomes  stronger day by day, I see the Indian society from a different perspective and often laugh at its eccentricities.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Jibes from men who are delaying their marriage or are choosing to stay single

While browsing through google, I happened  to come across 2 jibes written down by men on delaying marriage or choosing to stay single as they are not able to meet the sky high expectations of the modern Indian women. The same follows below:

Karthik, Bangalore, India: I'm 31, male, live in Bangalore with a little above-average salary of 35,000 rupees per month and am working in a major newspaper. I have been searching for a bride for the past five years. Every matrimonial website I've been through shows that the majority of the women expect a man to be in the engineering or a banking profession with a salary above 50,000 rupees a month. And also in reference to the person featured in this story, the majority of women present in these matrimonial websites are above 27. These women are well educated, working in the IT and non-IT sector, earning a good salary and expect their dream Mr Right to be better educated and earn more than them. The majority of men with these features don't marry women of their equal out of fear they lose respect and it can in the worst case, lead to divorce. I still don't understand why women want better than themselves, this makes men run away from them and they (woman) lose a guy.

Pratik, India/Hungary: I am a 27-year-old male from India, studying in Budapest, Hungary. This situation is just not limited to girls, but boys also face similar situations. When I turned 26, my parents and other relatives started talking about my marriage. Instead, I applied for a two-year course in Hungary to study more, but the other reason was to delay marriage. At the moment I feel like I do not want to go back to India because they will immediately start insisting that I get married. However, I do not want to return unless I have a well-paid job with stability of mind. For my family, 28, would be the limit to get married, I would not get decent girls and my value in the "market" will go down. I resent this. Whatever I have achieved, I have done so with my hard work and commitment. I do not want someone who just wants me in terms of salary, my looks or my height. Marriage cannot be the ultimate destinations of all human lives. It is an important part but is it mandatory?
Hahahahhahahahaaha, so much for getting married in the Indian society.