Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bhaveen Sheth-DOTSIM- Snaps Clicked during those lonely moments

DOTSIM- The Diary of the Single Indian Male

Dear Friends,

Today I put up snaps that have been clicked during those lonely times of my life capturing moods of  melancholia and happiness.

This is Bhaveen Sheth- Signing out for the day , will be back with some more

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bhaveen Sheth-DOTSIM-An open letter to the late 20's and early 30's Single desperate Indian Woman

DOTSIM stands for the Diary of the single Indian male

My dear Single Indian Male friends,

Hope you guys have been doing good. Life has been just  okay for me in the last one week. I happened to join and attend the classes of the YES PLUS module of the famous Art of Living program, and realized that it is just another commercial shop marketing and selling spirituality.

Any ways my topic of discussion today is to voice my opinion to all those women, SINGLE INDIAN WOMEN who are desperate to get married.

I have met them, met them over  social matrimonial profiles and of course in person. Somewhere down the line you can see frustration and dejection stamped on their faces. If any one of  you guys have watched the Movie DEEWAR staring Amitabh Bachan, you will remember that some goons brand the words "MERA BAAP CHOR HAI" on his hand, similarly you will find our desperate Indian women who have psychologically branded themselves as "I AM DESPERATE".

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bhaveen Sheth-DOTSIM-Life Post 30

DOTSIM- Diary of the Single Indian Male.

My Dear Single Indian male Friends,

Hope this blog finds you in good shape.

Today i will deal with the topic of life after 30 for the Single Indian Male. YEaaaaa, i certainly have to discuss this fact of life ,  i am aging and that cannot be denied. Life can certainly take a different turn.

Life post 30 is different, unlike woman i don't have the frustration of being left out or not being part of the married group. I have never been made to feel a part of the Indian Society ever since i became an orphan.

I concentrate whole hardheartedly on my career, because this is what i feel will give me satisfaction and take me ahead. I search for advance management diploma programs/ certification programs  to enhance my career skills. i have dreams , dreams of rising on top, of working with people  developing and shaping their careers.

Marriage???? That's a big question mark, i have no answer and i can't predict the future. As an orphan i find no acceptance in the Indian Society, but who cares. I still have kept an option open in my life , one may never know what happens in life.

Books, books and more books. They have now become my friends and my fellow companions. I just love reading them to the end, it opens my mind, engages me and calms me down. Reading as a hobby has never been developed  in India, no wonder a lot of people don't know what to do when they find themselves alone and lonely.

Fitness!!!!!!!!!!!!, this year starting 2013, i became a marathon freak, ran 3 marathons and got  addicted to it. I saw my self loosing weight and seeing my waist trimming gradually, there is now other feeling than aging gracefully.

At the end what do i have to say??? All i can say is that live your life dude, don't be worried just because you are single. Life certainly starts post 30 , provided you are willing to make radical changes in your life.

This is Bhaveen Sheth signing off for the day, will be back with some more.

Bhaveen Sheth

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bhaveen Sheth-DOTSIM-Running the Charotar Green Marathon 2013

My Dear Single Indian Male Friends,

3rd February 2013, I ran the Charotar Green Marathon held in Vidyanagar. The distance was 10kms and i clocked it in 1 hour. This marathon has changed my perspective towards life, i have become more confident and feel that i can achieve more in life. The photo blog follows below:

                                         At the Assembly point for the Marathon                            

                                          All the Preparations done a a day before
                                           Reached the Venue on time 6:30 A.M

Friday, February 1, 2013

Bhaveen Sheth-DOTSIM-The Feeling of being Desired

My Dear Single Indian Male Friends,

Have you ever got the feeling that you are being desired, desired by the fairer sex???. It happens and the feeling is just amazing. I guess that a lot of men gain confidence and self esteem in their 30's. If one happens to maintain himself, one can be desired and sought after.

But for that one needs to groom and maintain himself. Diet, Exercise and happiness, all the mentioned things contribute to your overall happiness.

In India you dont see men to age with grace, come 30's and there you have a beer and pot belly hanging, droopy shoulderd and loose body, fitness goes for a toss.

All it takes is just one hour of exercise, just one hour and if done rigorously can work wonders on your health.

So My single friends if you want to feel desired please  take your first step towards it.

Bhaveen Sheth