Sunday, June 1, 2014

We don't need a woman to complete us

Yes, this is what I , the single Indian male firmly believes. We , the single Indian men do not require a woman in our lives to complete us.

From times immemorial , since childhood we have heard this statement that marriage completes you, a woman transforms our lives and completes and complements us in all ways.

And I say, this is bullshit. Because if this was the case then a man would also complete a woman. But it seems that this never happens.

So why do we the single Indian men require a woman to complete us? Is it that we cannot live or lives without a woman? Does our morale and self esteem depend on a woman??? I doubt!!!!

The Indian society has in a way put woman on a higher pedestal. They are worshiped in the form of important goddesses (Lakshmi-the goddess of wealth and Saraswati-the goddess of education), there are many more. There is this mystique cult followed in the Indian society that the home coming of a new woman as a wife is considered to be auspicious and a home is complete only if there is a woman. Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look, this post is not against Indian women, there are many who are happily married and are living a contented life. This post is for those single Indian men who have crossed their thirties 30's and are on some sort of relentless search for a woman in order get happy. Sad!!!!! In  western countries , men strive for a cause, a goal, a dream but in India, men strive only for a woman, to get married at any cost. It seems that for these men it is only marriage that can bring happiness.

In some of my previous posts I have mentioned that marriage is not a dreamland, there are sacrifices to be made and responsibilities to be undertaken if one wants to stay in this institution, but many single Indian men don't understand this (you can forget their parents, they are more fanatic in the pursuit if an ideal daughter in law).

I ask a simple question , once more, do we require  women to make us happy????? My answer is no!!!!! A simple no.. If you have not found happiness in your single life, chances are that you will not find the same even if you get married. Marriage is no problem solver.

It is a known fact that in a highly sexually repressed society, Indian men have high levels of testosterone in their body, an extreme libido that cannot be controlled. People won't admit this but the truth is that many Indian men marry just because they want sex. An arranged marriage in a way  is a brokerage business in order to get that fair looking booty that the men want.

Other than the above fact, the second hard hitting reality is that Indian men unlike their western counter parts never grow up, I myself have been a witness to their immaturity and child like behavior. They are stuck to their mothers and in later years of their lives they want their wives to perform this role. Housework is something that Indian men can't do (yea, now there are men who are doing it, but they remain a minority). The can't clean, they can't cook and they can't take care of their laundry. They need a woman to do this job for them. Other than doing that 9 to 5 job and watching cricket on television, this majority has nothing better to do.

Plus the Indian man unlike his female counter part does not have the courage to stay alone and live life all by himself. Loneliness is dreaded. Such men have no hobbies or interests that can engage their free time. Ya, Alcohol, porn, play station , television can be a temporary solace but it is no solution to battle loneliness.

The Indian society has in itself that they should leave around no man single. Somehow he is to be married of, no matter what it takes. Look around in your society, apartments, neighborhoods and even social functions, as compared to single Indian women there are few single Indian men. The society is quite pro marriage when it comes to the Indian men.

So why is it that the single Indian man needs a woman to complete him. Look around and learn, learn from your female counterparts who are single and happily living their lives. They don't need a man to complete them, their happiness quotient does not depend on marriage, they do not attend social functions or go to pubs just for the heck for finding a soul mate, they do not pressurize their parents to start looking out for a decent husband, they pursue their careers and rise up the corporate ladder, they maintain a strong social network, they have relations with different men, some of them even adopt a child or opt for invitro fertilization, they don't need a man. Yes there is a fair share of desperate Indian women in their 30's but compared to men , their numbers are quite low.

Why can't we learn something from them??? I am not asking you to adopt a child, I am not asking you to live like a woman. All I am saying is that learn to find your own happiness and have your single life filled with positive experiences. Read, travel, learn, focus on your career, take up a hobby or do something that makes you feel good. A woman is not the end point of all your happiness, there is life beyond marriage and a wife.

So go out there and live your life. Don't feel sad that you are single and did not get married and everyone around you is. Take control of your life and know this that your happiness does not depend on a woman. You don't need a woman to complete you.