Sunday, November 23, 2014

You Tube. A great source of entertainment

Every single Indian man worth his salt reading this blog post will know about You tube and will be able to link it up on the Internet.
Yes we know that you tube has been existing on the net for a long time. But is it of any use to us Indians??? Considering the slow internet connections that we have, the low bandwidths and not to forget that it takes an entire night to download a movie on torrent.
I agree!!!! But guys!!! Have you tried to view it on your smart phone???? If not please try it. Streamlining on your Smartphone.
I discovered this a year after I had bought my Samsung galaxy S 3 Mini smart phone. It was fun to watch videos and movie trailers. But then a thought came to my mind. Why not watch an entire movie???

Bhaveen Sheth from a third person’s perspective

Bhaveen Sheth, who is this person???? He has and will always be an enigma to a lot of people. Many know him as a person who has been odd, eccentric living life on his own terms with no care and concern for the society or the people.
I know him, I know him personally having seen his life for the last 15 years, the trials and tribulations that he has faced. I can say I am one of those lucky few to whom he has really opened up and shared his thoughts and feelings.
After 15  years I have chosen to break my silence and have convinced him to post my write-up on his blog known as the diary of the single Indian male.
What Bhaveen is today or what people perceive him today is not the Bhaveen I knew or met 15 years ago. At that time he was the most happiest and cheerful person you would ever meet, full of life, hyper, vivacious. It seemed that all events of his life had been programmed and he was just following a sequence.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Blog and Website for all the Singletons

Dear Friends,

Browsing through the net in search for topics on single people, I came across this particular site that is dedicate to single people. Please go through the link and I hope you will find it helpful and motivating.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

When caught red handed this woman plays the victim card. Feminist double standards and hyprocrisy

Hello Friends,

Once again I have lost track of my writing. I try my best and resume it but with time once again I happen to loose the same. 

Here I am  writing on the recent events. A few days back I read a new article on small time bollywood and tollywood actress who was arrested in a prostitution racket. The links are mentioned below:

I post some snippets of the content from different websites that have been covering the news:

Tollywood actress Shweta Basu Prasad was caught on Sunday, August 31 for being involved in a high profile prostitution racket. The actress was caught red-handed, when the Hyderabad Police raided a famous hotel at Banjara Hills, according to reports.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bhaveen Sheth living the life of a rebel and non comformist


The picture above will mention it all. The reality that is faced by people who refuse to live by the so called double standards of the Indian society. I am one of them.

32 years old, still single, homeless without a family, I fit into the profile of a non conformist and there are many more like me who have chosen this path. Men from dysfunctional families, divorced and separated men and many more.

As a non conformist , I do get criticized for the way I live, but tell you what, I don't care. Why should I???? Living life on my on terms in not a crime, I fail to understand then why does my lifestyle become a problem to others?????

I choose not to confirm to the social mores  of this society, I choose to life an independent life where I can explore this vast country. Let people say what they want, I don't care.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

We don't need a woman to complete us

Yes, this is what I , the single Indian male firmly believes. We , the single Indian men do not require a woman in our lives to complete us.

From times immemorial , since childhood we have heard this statement that marriage completes you, a woman transforms our lives and completes and complements us in all ways.

And I say, this is bullshit. Because if this was the case then a man would also complete a woman. But it seems that this never happens.

So why do we the single Indian men require a woman to complete us? Is it that we cannot live or lives without a woman? Does our morale and self esteem depend on a woman??? I doubt!!!!

The Indian society has in a way put woman on a higher pedestal. They are worshiped in the form of important goddesses (Lakshmi-the goddess of wealth and Saraswati-the goddess of education), there are many more. There is this mystique cult followed in the Indian society that the home coming of a new woman as a wife is considered to be auspicious and a home is complete only if there is a woman. Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look, this post is not against Indian women, there are many who are happily married and are living a contented life. This post is for those single Indian men who have crossed their thirties 30's and are on some sort of relentless search for a woman in order get happy. Sad!!!!! In  western countries , men strive for a cause, a goal, a dream but in India, men strive only for a woman, to get married at any cost. It seems that for these men it is only marriage that can bring happiness.

In some of my previous posts I have mentioned that marriage is not a dreamland, there are sacrifices to be made and responsibilities to be undertaken if one wants to stay in this institution, but many single Indian men don't understand this (you can forget their parents, they are more fanatic in the pursuit if an ideal daughter in law).

I ask a simple question , once more, do we require  women to make us happy????? My answer is no!!!!! A simple no.. If you have not found happiness in your single life, chances are that you will not find the same even if you get married. Marriage is no problem solver.

It is a known fact that in a highly sexually repressed society, Indian men have high levels of testosterone in their body, an extreme libido that cannot be controlled. People won't admit this but the truth is that many Indian men marry just because they want sex. An arranged marriage in a way  is a brokerage business in order to get that fair looking booty that the men want.

Other than the above fact, the second hard hitting reality is that Indian men unlike their western counter parts never grow up, I myself have been a witness to their immaturity and child like behavior. They are stuck to their mothers and in later years of their lives they want their wives to perform this role. Housework is something that Indian men can't do (yea, now there are men who are doing it, but they remain a minority). The can't clean, they can't cook and they can't take care of their laundry. They need a woman to do this job for them. Other than doing that 9 to 5 job and watching cricket on television, this majority has nothing better to do.

Plus the Indian man unlike his female counter part does not have the courage to stay alone and live life all by himself. Loneliness is dreaded. Such men have no hobbies or interests that can engage their free time. Ya, Alcohol, porn, play station , television can be a temporary solace but it is no solution to battle loneliness.

The Indian society has in itself that they should leave around no man single. Somehow he is to be married of, no matter what it takes. Look around in your society, apartments, neighborhoods and even social functions, as compared to single Indian women there are few single Indian men. The society is quite pro marriage when it comes to the Indian men.

So why is it that the single Indian man needs a woman to complete him. Look around and learn, learn from your female counterparts who are single and happily living their lives. They don't need a man to complete them, their happiness quotient does not depend on marriage, they do not attend social functions or go to pubs just for the heck for finding a soul mate, they do not pressurize their parents to start looking out for a decent husband, they pursue their careers and rise up the corporate ladder, they maintain a strong social network, they have relations with different men, some of them even adopt a child or opt for invitro fertilization, they don't need a man. Yes there is a fair share of desperate Indian women in their 30's but compared to men , their numbers are quite low.

Why can't we learn something from them??? I am not asking you to adopt a child, I am not asking you to live like a woman. All I am saying is that learn to find your own happiness and have your single life filled with positive experiences. Read, travel, learn, focus on your career, take up a hobby or do something that makes you feel good. A woman is not the end point of all your happiness, there is life beyond marriage and a wife.

So go out there and live your life. Don't feel sad that you are single and did not get married and everyone around you is. Take control of your life and know this that your happiness does not depend on a woman. You don't need a woman to complete you.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Why do some Indian Men remain single

With the changing times and influx of a western lifestyle , one can often notice the gradual changes that have come in the society.

One of the institutions that is being affected is marriage, as a lot of changes have happened in the last 10 years, changes that never happened within the Indian society in the last 1000 years. It is good to see a rapid turnaround in the society.

Coming to the topic of the single Indian man/male, it is still rare for a man not be  married. You can observe a lot of unmarried women in their 30's and 40's. They have their own reasons but you will find a limited number of Indian men who stay single all their lives.

In India three things, i.e. Bollywood, cricket and marriage are the most important preoccupations of the people. It becomes an inseparable part of their lives.

Indian men don't stay single, they are somehow married, no matter how old, dumb or ugly they may be, they have to get married. Now you understand why is the entire nation obsessed after getting Salman Khan and Rahul Gandhi married!!!!. Men are the prized possessions in the family and the family gets them married at any cost.

But then,  one does find Indian men who are still not married living a single life and unlike their female counterparts who have accepted singledom peacefully, such men are sad and brooding.

Here I would like to profile the Single Indian Male/men who stay single all their lives, majority out of their own fate and circumstances and not by choice.

1. The perpetual losers: These are men who are just ordinary, ordinary in looks, ordinary in personality and they hold mediocre jobs that are boring and does not pay a good salary. Yet , like ordinary mortal human beings, they aspire to get married. But, things don't work for them. In the Indian society, every Indian father wants to get his daughter married to the higher economic level in the society. These males do not find suitable matches and remain single all their lives. Common examples of such men are: the office boy, the driver, the clerk , the cashier at a shopping mall, the security guard etc etc.

Indian Women marrying less successful younger men!! Seriously!!!! I doubt!!!

The single Indian male came across the following blog in the  times of India, written an eminent writer.

The link is pasted below, kindly read it:

The 'little third' in a marriage!

The author states how some single successful women are not able to find good marital partners after a particular age and how they then try to hit upon successful married men.

The society considers these women to be the left over women and are viewed with a great suspicion and threat as they may break the  happy go lucky families by wooing the husband.

Some snippets from the blog:

"The discussions transported me back to a living room in Beijing a couple of months ago, where the topic of discussion was xiaosan or ‘The Little Third,’ a derogatory term used for women who ‘break up’ homes. The rampant phenomenon of girls brazenly targeting older, rich men has given rise to a fanatic rage amongst women in Chinese social circles. The Chinese are even considering legislation to make The Little Third pay damages for breaking a home!

Actually, the problem goes much beyond fatal attractions, extra-marital affairs or blame games. It is a real social issue that needs to be dealt with. An increasing number of women set upon building successful careers, miss the bus where marriage is concerned, waking up too late. The Chinese usually have interesting, though derogatory terms for such social categories and phenomena. This category of women is called ‘shengnu,’ or ‘leftover women’.    
Look around in your immediate vicinity; you will be surprised at the number of highly successful, unmarried women you will notice. Educated, well paid and confident, these women are not willing to lower their standards and make compromises. They may even be happy with single lives but come under overwhelming pressure from family to marry. And since all the good (read successful and rich) guys are taken, they do not have much choice.    
So it isn’t as if these women go looking for a married man to break up his marriage. These are the only available men who meet their standards. And surely, it is a test of character and of the strength of their marriages whether these men allow The Little Third to enter their sacred space or not. "
And the author offers a decent workable solution to such women
"A great solution would be if the successful women who already have it all, except a man in their lives, elected to marry down and marry younger – offer an unemployed and not-so-successful guy some privileges. The problem arises when they wish to have it all. For instance, Farah Khan married well, a younger guy with potential — Shirish Kunder — and even gave him a hand up professionally. Now they are happy with their triplets. When Kareena Kapoor linked up with Shahid Kapoor, she too would have ended up giving a leg up to a guy less successful than her; but things didn’t work out between them.    
So, how about it, women? Are you game for shifting perspective and looking a bit lower than traditionally acceptable? Choose and nurture men younger than you in time, if you are single and successful, and too ambitious to marry rightaway. Wouldn’t you love to be Sugar Mommies for a change? "
Ohhhhhh!!!! C'mon man , how can you be so naive. Do you really think that such successful Indian women will marry a less successful man or a younger person whom she will nurture. GOSH!!!! Looks like this author has lost sense of reality and is stating facts based on her wild and vivid imagination, she gives examples of people from the entertainment fraternity, the very lives of people which are not stable and are constantly rocked time and again under the glare of the media.
Sugar Mommies!!!!! Oh god!!!!! The truth is that such single successful women have very high expectations from their future partners, they are not willing to settle for less. Look around, look at all those online matrimonial sites, single successful women out there expecting a good look well settled husbands who can bring more salary home than them.
I have rarely come across a woman who has married someone who is less educated than her or earns a lower salary. This is the reality and it does not change in the materialistic Indian society.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

On Single Indian Men who become a failure on professional and personal fronts

Having written a lot on the positive sides of the single Indian man/male , I , Bhaveen Sheth would today  like to focus today on the single Indian men who have failed both on the personal and professional front
So, who are these men????????? They are smaller in number; however their population is rising day by day.
Here is a basic profile: Mostly in their Mid 30’s and 40’s doing just mediocre jobs, dragging themselves day by day, having no vision on what to do in their lives. Their behavioural traits comprise of frustration, angst, hatred, jealousy, depression, sadness, gloom and many more characteristics of a negative personality.
Time and again, I have come across such type of men. For some reason or the other they just happened to be left out, left out in all aspects of life i.e. education, family, marriage, social integration.
One may never know what actually happened??? Was it a bad family upbringing? Was it a dysfunctional family? Was it the negative influence of bad  peers and friends? Was it a negative personality? Was it the absence of opportunities?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Words of wisdom from a 46 year old single Indian Male

My dear Single Indian Male friends,

There are times when we would like to look up to some seniors or must I say veterans in the league of the single Indian men. However there seem to be none. Looks like the Indian society has made  a decision to hunt down the last single Indian  male and get him married.

However browsing through google for some sensible advice from a middle aged single Indian man, I came upon the following article:

46, Male, Single. And no less fraught

Here is a person in his forty's telling us on how the Indian society treats him. It does not respect his privacy and often taunts him on his single status.

Some of the statements form his article:

They seem to suggest: get married and all your problems will vanish. Do they mean to say married people have no problems? Aha! They do, they do. But problems of the married are somehow more fashionable and more respectable than the problems of single people. Still a bachelor at forty-six, I now realise that my choice to remain single was as smart a move a man chased by a yelping puppy can make by jumping to safety into a pit full of scorpions and cockroaches. (Don’t ask me how they, the stingers and the ticklers, live together. In such a pit, they do!)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

When Indian society turns its men into economic slaves

Browsing through the facebook profile of a person, I came across this video. It was heart wrenching when I watched it and it did bring tears in my eyes.

I dedicate this video to all men of this great country who fight a battle every day, a battle for themselves and their families, I salute the hard work done , the difficulties faced and pain suffered on a daily basis by majority of the Indian men just in order to fit in to the so called norms of the Indian Society.

Please watch this video in the link below:

It is sad, really sad, that the entire media in this country  focuses on women's empowerment, women's upliftment and women's safety.

No one ever focuses on the problems that Indian men have to go through, be it in India or abroad.

Our society at times is really strange. Everyone is made to sacrifice something or the other in order to meet the so called material expectations of the society.

From times immemorial , men in the Indian society have been asked to take responsibilities as a father, brother or son. While the women live within the protective confines of their homes, it is the men who go out and face all kinds of difficulties. Yes, I understand that times have changed and  now even the women have started stepping out, but still things don't change.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

When loneliness and desperation leads to a violent crime

My dear single Indian Male friends,

Last Sunday, I came across this news article in times of India. It stated that a man shot his virtual facebook friend whom he was communicating with for a very long time as he  got frustrated when met her person and felt that he had been cheated:

Please read the article in the link below:

Facebook date turns bloody: Man shoots woman, then kills self

Recent update: An indepth article published in the Indian Express:

It seems that after shooting her , he shot and killed himself.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Single, Orphan, Destitute and a not feeling sorry about it

In less than a month I will complete 32 years of my life on earth. When I look back , I will remember the old times, some filled with happiness and some with sadness.

Everyday I undertake efforts in order to achieve a better life and of course a better standard of living. However time and again, my past doesn't leave me alone, being branded as an orphan makes  it difficult for me to integrate into the mainstream Indian society.

So here I write , once more, on who I am and what I am. I am an Orphan, I am a destitute and I am single, single by choice, single by destiny and single due to ostracization and marginalization done by the Indian society.

And do I feel sorry about it??????? NO!!!! The answer is a plain no!!!!!!!! Why should I feel bad?????Why should I have self pity on myself????? For what??? What wrong have I done????

No,  I am not sorry for myself, my condition and the problems that I face.

With the years going by , my resolve becomes  stronger day by day, I see the Indian society from a different perspective and often laugh at its eccentricities.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Jibes from men who are delaying their marriage or are choosing to stay single

While browsing through google, I happened  to come across 2 jibes written down by men on delaying marriage or choosing to stay single as they are not able to meet the sky high expectations of the modern Indian women. The same follows below:

Karthik, Bangalore, India: I'm 31, male, live in Bangalore with a little above-average salary of 35,000 rupees per month and am working in a major newspaper. I have been searching for a bride for the past five years. Every matrimonial website I've been through shows that the majority of the women expect a man to be in the engineering or a banking profession with a salary above 50,000 rupees a month. And also in reference to the person featured in this story, the majority of women present in these matrimonial websites are above 27. These women are well educated, working in the IT and non-IT sector, earning a good salary and expect their dream Mr Right to be better educated and earn more than them. The majority of men with these features don't marry women of their equal out of fear they lose respect and it can in the worst case, lead to divorce. I still don't understand why women want better than themselves, this makes men run away from them and they (woman) lose a guy.

Pratik, India/Hungary: I am a 27-year-old male from India, studying in Budapest, Hungary. This situation is just not limited to girls, but boys also face similar situations. When I turned 26, my parents and other relatives started talking about my marriage. Instead, I applied for a two-year course in Hungary to study more, but the other reason was to delay marriage. At the moment I feel like I do not want to go back to India because they will immediately start insisting that I get married. However, I do not want to return unless I have a well-paid job with stability of mind. For my family, 28, would be the limit to get married, I would not get decent girls and my value in the "market" will go down. I resent this. Whatever I have achieved, I have done so with my hard work and commitment. I do not want someone who just wants me in terms of salary, my looks or my height. Marriage cannot be the ultimate destinations of all human lives. It is an important part but is it mandatory?
Hahahahhahahahaaha, so much for getting married in the Indian society.

Monday, March 31, 2014

On men who dishonour the family name

A lot has happened to women in India who have allegedly "dishonored" the family name. They have been murdered in the most gruesome fashion and some have been brutally gang raped. And for what?? Did they break the law??? Did they do something that was wrong???? NO!!!!!

All they did was to live their lives, to indulge in sex, to marry a person who did not belong to their community or for just roaming around with a guy. Is it wrong???? Which law in India stops a person from doing  things that I have mentioned??? Is is a crime to seek love??? Is it a crime to fulfill your carnal desires??? If men have desires so do women??? Why then such a deplorable attitude towards the fairer sex.

And what , what about guys who dishonor the family name?? What about them?? Are they killed or murdered in the manner that girls are??? Are they chopped into pieces??? Are they sodomized by a gang????? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After all they are  boys,  and boys will be boys for the traditional narrow minded patriarchal society!!!!!!!

In this post I would like to share my thoughts on how men in India bring dishonor to the family name, on how their actions can cause a lot of grief and anguish to a lot of families.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A letter to the Tarun Tejpal rape case victim

There is a new era that has dawned in our country. The era of the modern filthy opportunistic feminist and misandrist women.

This is relating to the Tarun Tejpal rape case. It had gained a lot media attention in November 2013, now it has pretty much died down .

But what the single Indian male should know and be careful about ,is of such women whom I have mentioned above. They can be dangerous and can destroy the names and reputations of many good men. I am not taking the side of Tarun Tejpal, he is no saint either, but then he has been accused of something that he did not do. Two people getting carried away because they were heavily drunk  does not make it a serious matter. I am penning my thought on the rise of the so called bubble gum feminists in India, till then , please read the following link.

Kindly leave us alone

My dear single Indian male friends,

Greetings for the day!!!!!

Most of you guys must be enjoying your Sunday, same here. I write down this blog post for  the esteemed members of the Indian society to leave us alone.

Everyone it seems to have  a problem with the single Indian male living alone, why????I don't know dude? Looks like people just don't want to see a man living life all by himself. Home, social functions, office and no matter where you go, you are asked that one irritating question, dude!!! , why are you still single????? When are u getting married???.

So here I begin:

Please leave us alone!!!!! Don't you  have your own life to worry about??? Don't you have your own problems?? Don't you have your own family????

Sunday, March 23, 2014

How the Indian society perceives orphans

Every year I happen to come across new situations, experiences and people. I become wiser.

This post is not about a complaint nor is about ranting on my situation. It is about a few points on how the Indian society perceives and treats the orphaned people.

So how does the Indian society treat us???? The best thing they do is to keep a safe distance from us. We are marginalized, segregated and treated as outcasts. It just seems that people don't want to associate with us.

There are times I feel that being an orphan is a lot worst than being disabled or incapacitated. Our lives are devoid of love and affection.

The general image that people get of an orphan is more from movies. People think that we have grown up in an orphanage home, lived a life of miserly, have bad habits, are criminally minded, have no social skills etc etc.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

A hilarious video on matrimonial meetings

Greetings my friends, I hope you all are doing good. This happens to be one of those short blog posts.

Every single Indian male worth his salt must have gone through the experience of the matrimonial interview. The video shows the same. Though it shows the reality the satire and comedy is amazing.

The wants and demands of women never change and they keep on going up. Please watch the video, I am sure it is going to make your day.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

On the married arrogant average Indian males

Dear All,

Having written on the bragging and the boastful married Indian males, I would now like to dedicate this blog post to the arrogant married Indian males.

Before I begin , a lot of you must be wondering who are these arrogant average married Indian males???? They are the ones you find everywhere,in your housing society, at your workplace, public places, almost anywhere. They are ubiquitous.

But how do they become a problem to us, the single Indian males??? Simple , they show their arrogance that they are married, that they have a fair looking trophy wife ( a prized possession), they have children and are living a so called complete and happy family life.

Such men often look down upon  other single men with contempt and hatred. They often criticize the single men with statements like "You have been left out" " You failed to have a wife"  "You will die alone" "You have no family life and will never learn to enjoy", "You will become a psycho by living alone" and god knows what.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pics from participation during the Marathon Season

Winter brings a lot of marathon events. The single Indian male participated in the unity run, the IRMA run and the greenathon. It was real fun. The pictures below depict it all :

On being Happily unmarried or being unhappily married

I come across a lot of people who often say that they are happily married when they introduce themselves.

And I,  the single Indian Male often wonders, is it all true??? How come everyone is happily married???? HAHAHAHAHAHAA, its all a bluff. We Indians love faking a happy marriage in front of people.

The single people are often made to feel unhappy , courtesy their single status.

And then I say, where is the happiness in a dysfunctional marriage?? Where is the happiness in being stuck with a person whom you cant even  relate to??? Where is the happiness in living a dull mediocre life???

No pun intended, but majority of Indian men get married for two things, just two things. Sex and society approval. That's it. That is the only thing that one gets married for. And when the sexual hangover is over, the society approval has come through, life just becomes boring. There is nothing special.

No one, just no one has ever advertised the concept of a happy single life in India. No one has portrayed a happy unmarried life. Why???? Cause such things don't sell dude. Just imagine if solo living was strongly advertised it would have become a threat to the entire matrimonial industry.

And if given a choice of what I the single Indian male would like to choose a single life, at least it guarantees happiness.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Indian Women don't marry down

Hello my friends,

I was just scrolling through a facebook link and came across the topic "Feminism sleeps with Patriarchy".

It spoke of marrying down and why a majority of the educated modern Indian women don't want to marry down.

Please read the above link.

Marrying down means marrying someone who is less qualified that you, earns less than you or younger to you. I am not trying to be stereotypical here , but the fact remains that in the Indian society, women don't want to settle down for a lesser man.

Look around my friends, the educated woman who holds a professional job wants a man better than her in each and every way and yet, and yet she expects that he should have all the personal qualities she is looking for. You know the guy from some romantic books or romantic movies.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Is the single Indian male an object of pity???

At times some weird thoughts do come to my mind. Are we,  the single Indian men an object of pity/sympathy for others?? Are we looked down as someone who are sad, depressed and in need of companionship???

With the dawn of the 21st century the single Indian male has started to evolve and is now on his way to create a niche of his own. Please note , when I say the single Indian male, I mean the refined elite educated man who has a class of his own, not  the frustrated average single Indian looser who is a walking hard on and  desperate to get married.

So coming back to the topic, I wonder why does the society treat us in such with loads of sympathy? Why do some people feel sad for us??? Why do they feel that lady luck never shone on us??

This may be due to two reasons as per my thought process. 

On boastful married Indian husbands

Collecting experiences from my every day life , I choose today to write on the boastful married Indian husbands.

Its common to come across married Indian women who keep on boasting of their children's, their capabilities, skills, achievements etc. It looks as if they are the only ones who have produced children in this world. 

But one also comes across married men who keep on boasting, they boast of their wives, their children etc. Now if an olympics were to be held in faking happiness in a marriage, I bet Indians would win the first prize.

But today i would lilke to go into the mindset of these very men, the men who just can't stop boasting!!!

And why??? Why has this become my personal vendetta???? Well , as the single Indian male, I happen to come across these looser scum bags who boast and in a way insult and humiliate the single Indian male by telling him how he has lost out in life, on how he is missing out the good things that come with marital bliss.

So here we go. Who are these F@#$%ed up creatures???. Well!!! The average Joe. Nothing special about them. If a person is happy and content with his life, why should he boast in the first place??  Only an unhappy or an insecure man will go around boasting trying to show how happy he is!!!

On not feeling guilty in enjoying a solo life

The Indian society is strange and at times even paradoxical. It expects people to abide by its unsaid  laws and unwritten rules. Whether you like it or not, you either have to comply with them or you are made to comply (courtesy-Family,peers social circle etc). Someone had told me that once a male child in born in India, he is automatically labelled as Shravan, a person from hindu mythology who had slavish devotion to his parents and in some sort of way was duty bound to the family.

Coming to the males in India, each and every other average Ram, Shyam or Anil is expected to live by the code of the Indian Society. Be a good boy in School, get a nice education, well paying job, get married on time to a bride chosen by the parents, have children on time, take up other familial responsibilities and not to say enjoy that boring mediocre life.

And what happens when a strong headed , strong willed person chooses not to live by the so called rules of the society?? What happens when he chooses to fly high in the sky like and eagle.

Yaaaaaaa, a lot happens!!!!

You are cut off from the society (in a polite way of course),considered to be a misfit, an outcast, weird and god knows what. With this you find that every elderly woman in your social circle wants to see you married and your all married male members envy you or they try to put you down by criticizing on your single status.

But we the single Indian men should not be let down, we should feel guilty living and enjoying a single life. We get only one life and we should live it completely.

Where is it said that living a solo life is a crime???? Where is it said that loneliness kills you??? Damn that god damn scientific research, that is for western people not for Indians. 

And what guilt??? Aren't we taking care of our elderly parents, arent we maintaining relations with our siblings, arent we being law abiding citizens???

And what guilt??? Guilt that we live alone, that we take our own decisions, that we travel to different places, that we  groom for ourselves??? What guilt, my friends???

And what about those who take up marital responsibilities and are not able to live up to the same. Ohh, come on  man what hypocrisy!!!!!

As they single Indian male Bhaveen Sheth, all I would say is that go an live your life with no guilt and if some idiot reminds you of being guilty, just ask him to buzz off, once and for all.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Desperate groom's parents who fall in the trap of 498 Section A Dowry Act

Different that this post may be and weird that it may sound, the single Indian male would like to discuss  this untouched topic.

Marriage is common topic of discussion in every single Indian household. For a bride, her parents take it as a burden, a kind of responsibility to fulfill and a point to tick off their checklist of responsibilities.

However for a groom, it is a matter of pride for his parents. The thought of getting their son married (sometime the only son), the pride in society, the expectation of a subservient duty bound daughter in law who will take care the whole family and not to forget the dream of becoming a grandparent. 

Dreams,dreams and more dream!!!!!!! In India, it is really sad that people live more in a dream world rather than being pragmatic. And how can they be, when one grows on the staple diet of Yash Raj/Karan Johar movies and sitcoms made by Ekta Kapoor, the touch with reality is lost. I would say that a lot of are practically paralyzed.

But what makes a grooms parents desperate in the first place????? In traditional Indian society a grooms parents always had their head held high more out of arrogance than pride, it is they who would call the shots and dictate terms. A brides parents would be at their wits end often begging and pleading in front of the whole world.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

On Single Indian Men from dysfunctional families

This blog post is for  single Indian men from dysfunctional families. As the single Indian male having traveled to different places and met a lot of people, I would like to share the experiences of different men coming from dysfunctional families. The entire blog post will be a collective narration of the such men and will be their statements.

Dysfunctional families, a term that we (single Indian men from  dysfunctional families) realized at a later stage of life. Anyone reading this post will realize what a dysfunctional family is. A family which failed to be a family in the first place. It is not just a failure of a relation but of an institution as a whole.

We don't know what happened. Growing up in the Indian society, we were constantly reminded of the happy Indian family. School , neighborhood and cinema showed us this. But at our homes we realized that something was amiss. Our families were not normal, there was no happiness.Fights, misunderstandings, strained relations was constant. For our parents it was just normal.

You see, our parents were the types who just went into a marriage without realizing what responsibilities came along with it. They brought us in this world just to conform to the norms of the society or make their respective parents happy.

Friday, January 3, 2014


My Dear Single Indian male friends!!!!


I would like to wish everyone a very happy new year. Hope this year is filled with fun and frolic. Be happy and enjoy your life. A happy solo living. Cheers!!!!!!!!

A Warning to all Indian bachelors planning to get married

Hello my dear friends. This post in no way trying to scare you. But just that marriage season is around and some of the single Indian males may be planning to get hitched. There are also a few who may be romantically be involved and are planning to tie a knot. OKKKK!!! I can understand your feeling, love is all around you and you feel the world is a heavenly place. UNDERTSOOD!!!

But before going any further the single Indian male would request you all to read some of the laws, rules and regulations pertaining to marriage and problems faced post marriage especially during separation and divorce.

Please be realistic/ pragmatic in your approach with life. After reading the link below, there are fair chaces that you will come down on earth be more practical. 

Thanking you.

Bhaveen Sheth
The Single Indian Male