Saturday, October 31, 2015

Jibes made at single Indian men-Bhaveen Sheth DOTSIM

My Dear Single Indian Men,

Greetings from the author and writer of this blog, Bhaveen Sheth

I have often written on the discrimination that single men face in India. Along with that they are a constant target for jibes and sharp criticisms made predominantly by the married people.

Mentioned below is a list of common jibes made at single Indian men:

"Oh look!!!There comes the looser who could never get married."

"You are acting in an irresponsible manner, not willing to make a commitment"

"Are you gay?"

"Are you impotent?"

"You age is going by. Are you planning to get married when you get old?"

"In your old age you will be very lonely"

"How long will you satisfy yourself with a hand job?"
"If you get married late:you will end up finding divorcees, widows and frustrated aunties."

Friday, October 23, 2015

Marriage is not meant for each and every Indian man

Greetings from Bhaveen Sheth, the single Indian man.

I hope everything is well with my readers. Wish you all a very happy dusherra.

Today I want to ask my readers whether the institution of marriage is applicable to each and every Indian man.

I have my own reservations on the same. Everyone cannot become a successful doctor or an engineer. Many people don't have the aptitude to get admission into prestigious institutions of this country. Similarly marriage is not suitable for each and every Indian man that too at a young age.

Marriage is forced upon the Indian man whether he likes it or not.Parents, relatives and the society builds up a strong pressure to get an Indian man married.

Simply stating, some Indian men just don't have the competency to get married. They are not prepared to become a husband or a father and undertake responsibilities that are attached with the respective roles.

But acceptance in the Indian society is less. No one realizes this important fact and no one wants to accept it.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

"At times i ask myself;Will I remain happy being single?"

Now that I am in my early 30's, I often ask myself this one single question? "Will I be happy I were to remain single for the rest of my life?"

My intuition tells me yes.

For starters, I have got comfortable with my single status. Gone are those days when I was desperate to find a soul mate. I have got adjusted with the conditions that a solo life has to offer.Over the years gone by , I have grown and matured and am content with life.

There are times when I ask myself.,"What if I were to get married and settle down?""What about starting a family life?"

I doubt if if I would become a good husband or a father. I doubt that I will ever meet the expectations of the society. My answer is a no.Maybe I don't have it in me. I don't have the competency to settle down.

Life is just as good as the decisions you make.Bad decisions complicate life.

Today i have a set of personal dreams and professional ambitions for myself. My critics may call me self centred or selfish. Its okay. I don't care.

Maybe some people never settle down.They are happy to chart their own course of life and live a happy single life..

I am that person who has joined the category of happy single men who will go ahead and live his life.

This is Bhaveen Sheth, the writer of the diary the single Indian male. I will be back with a lot more.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I just turned my back from the institution of marriage

Two and a half years ago , I wrote a blog post titled "One day I decided not to get married". After two and a half years I felt that it was a right decision taken.

The institution of marriage in India is highly overrated. It is rotten to the core, based on nothing but lies , hypocrisy and double standards. For some people it still remains to be a sacred institution;I think otherwise.

Over the years of my life I have seen this institution from a close proximity and realized that it is just an over-exaggerated fantasy. Outcasts like me are not eligible for it. There is a lot more that I can write, but I choose to restrict my words for now.

Having gained wisdom and maturity, I have got acclimatized to solitude and loneliness, I am happy living the way I am. There are no regrets.

This is Bhaveen Sheth signing off for the day, will be back with a lot more.

The fight for our AZADI (freedom)

Today I write on our azadi, the azadi for the Indian men.

I take this inspiration from the Kashmiri people who had been fighting for their freedom with the Indian state and security forces.

On similar lines we Indian men will have to fight and assert ourselves. We need to realize that life is not easy for us because we are living in one of the most oppressed societies in the world.Since child hood we have to confirm to the pathetic rules and regulations that have been dictated upon us.Protest and dissent against the same is not tolerated. In case if a man protests against such rules, it is brutally cracked down and the man is subjected to harsh criticism and made an outcast.

We need to realize that that we can't passively watch this oppression and be party to it.

The time has come for the Indian men to go out and claim their azadi. The azadi to live life on their own terms ; the azadi from the emotional and verbal abuse that men are subjected at the hands of the Indian women; azadi from the norms of a society known for its double standards.

Go on my friends , go ahead and fight for your azadi. The journey will be long and arduous but believe me it is worth it.

This is Bhaveen Sheth signing off for the day and will be back with a lot more.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Dowry is a bribe paid in order to ensure the happiness of the bride

Greetings from Bhaveen Sheth, the single Indian man.

Pardon me if I am making this statement, but this is a reality that our social activists never concentrate on.

The present anti dowry laws that exist within the Indian judicial system prosecutes someone for accepting or demanding dowry.Why then do these very laws fail to prosecute someone who willingly gives dowry, because he/she should be considered  equally liable.

The truth is that dowry is still prevalent in India and has become an institutionalized and accepted norm in all Indian marriages.

Many parents want to marry off their daughters at a higher social and financial level in the society.Even the so called educated empowered independent urban Indian women want the same.In order to see that this happens , huge sums of money is given both in cash and kind to the groom.

The bride and her parents are equal partners in this crime dowry.Rather than empower their daughters, many Indian parents even today feel that getting their daughters married to a well settled men coming from decent family backgrounds will ensure their happiness. Many girls also coerce their parents into giving dowry so that they can marry rich men.

This is the reason why the dowry system is still prevalent and will never be eradicated.