Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bhaveen Sheth-DOTSIM-She was my Aapa/She is my Aapa/ She will always remain my Appa


I remember , seven years ago, there was this sweet young girl who sat beside me in the college library. Down to earth and simple, maintaining equanimity. She was my aapa.

She became on of my best seniors who guided me through my course subjects during my masters degree program and kept me equally optimistic about the future. She was my appa

I remember those days when i had no one to speak to and she would give me her time and listen to my problems. She was my aapa.

I remember the first time i cried, i cried with my head on her shoulders and she supported me and gave me all the solace that my troubled soul needed, she was my aapa.

There were difficult courses that i never understood and she took time from her schedule and sat with me so that i could learn them. She was my aapa.

Before the beginning of every exam and after its end i would go and meet her and she would give her good wishes  and support me during those times. She was my aapa.

She would warn me about those from whom i keep a distance and be careful. She was my aapa.

She completed her masters and went back to her hometown and we remained in touch through mobile phone. Every day we would converse and she would keep me optimistic. Her sweet encouraging voice made up for her absence. She was my aapa

I went through the trials and tribulations of finding a job and yes there were times, when our relation was tested, but she remained solid as a rock and ecouraged me to face difficulties and challenges. She was my aapa.

Financial crisis did take a toll on me and it is at that point when she took out money from her salary and sent it to me on a monthly basis, a gesture that i will never forget. She was my aapa.

It was through her help and her sources that i got a good job, i will never forget her for that. She was my aapa.

I changed jobs, went abroad, came back and during all these times that i have been in touch with her, she has remained the same person , always listening to me and supporting me.

I got the job of my choice and today i have made a good position for myself, it is all because of her. She is my Aapa.

Last month, i had gone to her house. In the last 13 years for the first time i ever went to a place called home. She gave me the home coming that a mother gives to her son. She fed me and took care of me. She is my Aapa.

To a Homeless destitute orphan like me, who had no one in this world to finding someone who was not even related to me in any manner  made me realize that god had left someone who would take care of me.

When i complete this blog post, i have tears in my eyes, tears of happiness and joy of having someone who has selflessly done so much for me.

To the person who has been been my best friend, sister, mother, parent, guardian and mentor. I owe you lot . And i promise that one day i will relocate to a place nearer to you so we can be together.

You were/you are and you will always remain my AAPA.

To my sweet Sister- Charu Sinha

Bhaveen Sheth-DOTSIM- Some Girls have it all

DOTSIM stands for Diary of the Single Indian Male:

Before I proceed, i must warn that this blog post may appear to be sexist and chauvinist , so strong idealistic feminists are to avoid it. This has been written from the sole perspective of a Single Indian Male.

Dear Friends,

I continue my story on How some Girls or would i say women have it all. Yes they have it all, money, a great life, richness and all the pleasures that the 21st century can offer.

No I do not envy, bust just being a mute observer of the rapidly progressing Indian Society, i state that some women have it all.

They are born in a lap of luxury with a platinum spoon in their mouths and if  they are not, they get the best of the things during their childhood.

School is fun for them, all facilities given, no questions asked. College starts, parents are there to pay a hefty fee. They get the best of the education. They enjoy life, good looks help them find boyfriends. They have a nice time, they loose their virginity ( No harm in that).

College is over and now they prepare for a Masters Degree, if it is abroad parents once again parents are there to pay a hefty fee or if it is about taking admission in an elite College in India, no worries, these girls register with the most expensive coaching institutes, they get admission, join the course and complete the same.

With education over, now it is the time to get a decent job. Yaaa, good looks and communication skills help you in getting one and if that is not an option, daddy can always give a call to someone, activate old contacts and get his darling daughter a job. Typical Political appointment.

And finally it is time for the D day to come, marriage.The most discussed and awaited event in every Indian Household. MARRIAGE.

And marriage it is to a nice decent Indian Khaandani Family whose son is a super achiever ( IIT-IIM Pass out, DOCTOR sahab etc etc). But only one problem, they want pure Indian virgin bride.

Hmmmmm, but the girl has lost her virginity during her college years to some stud or some punk. Well, no problem, the matter is discussed in a hush hush manner. A cosmetic surgeon is contacted, absolute secrecy is maintained in the deal. They girl's hymen is sutured, her virginity is restored and now she meets the specification of being a 100 percent pure Indian Virgin.

The big fat Indian marriage is held. Money (Black or White) is burnt is all ways which a normal person cannot fathom. A new record is set where a different type of marriage was held. The Grandest of all grand ceremonies.

Honeymoon in an exotic foreign locale.

And married life resumes its normal course. Some years down the line this women in endowed with a beautiful child. And you look at her and you see it all. A rich husband,a penthouse, an expensive car, the latest mobile and the list goes on and on and on.

And I , Bhaveen Sheth, the homeless destitute Orphan observes it all. And i say one sentence, just one sentence "Some girls have it all".

This is Bhaveen Sheth signing off for the day, will be back with some more.

Bhaveen Sheth-DOTSIM-Conversations that i have with myself

This is a Blog Post on the conversations that i have with myself, it is my brain covering with my heart and speaking words of wisdom:
Dear Bhaveen, I know the last few years have been filled with happiness, joys, tragedies and turmoil. The difficulties that you have faced of losing your loved ones at a very young age, of becoming an orphan and of living the life of a homeless destitute.
I know it all and you must appreciate that in spite of going through all this you have emerged victorious and have made a life for yourself. You have achieved professional excellence and are on a path to reach the Zenith of your professional career.
Every day when you wake up and then when you come back from work, you go through the feeling of loneliness and having no one beside you, having no one to speak to or listen to your problems. It is difficult, but you must understand that this is the way life is and there are chances that it may continue like this, but never lose hope, for god is watching over you and one day someone will find you, like you and accept you the way you are and bring happiness in your life.
Concentrate, focus and consolidate on your Professional Career and Development, because this is the only thing that is going to bring satisfaction in your life. Your pride and prestige is associated with this. Your pride and power rests in this. There is a Gold Mine stored beneath the surface of the Healthcare Human Resources Profession. Get your knowledge, learn all the necessary skills, this place where you are will give your plenty of opportunities to work and enhance your development.
Along with the above get your Executive Diploma Management Program in HR and various professional training certifications. Concentrate specifically on the aspect of the Certification of Credentialing and Privileging because this is something that will help you stand out amongst the rest of the Crowd in the Healthcare Industry.
Don’t get disheartened bhaveen, working with incompetent and mediocre people is very difficult, but that is how life is, one has to start from somewhere. You may not be working in the organization you want or having the working environment that you would like, but you have to start form somewhere, build your skills and competencies. Learn what you can. Options will emerge and one day you will foray into a good corporate hospital.
Anger can be detrimental, so please learn to control your temper. Do not lose your cool, life is all about ups and down, you will meet irritating people, but don’t lose focus on your goals. Achieve peace of mind and go ahead in life.
Avoid procrastination; don’t put things for tomorrow what you can do today. get maximum things done today so that you don’t have to put it on till tomorrow. Time just flies by and you must learn to meet deadlines.
Work on your fitness, it is sad that you have gone lax over it. You can’t afford to have a pudgy face and an expanding waistline. Start taking your fitness seriously. Go for that daily jog of your and lift weights daily in a day’s break in every three days in succession.
Never, never give your heart to a Gujarati woman, given the fact that you are staying in the state of Gujarat, please don’t make the mistake of doing so. These women don’t understand human emotions; they only understand the language of money, so bhaveen please be careful not to make the mistake of falling in love with these women. They are at best avoided and kept at an arms length.
And don’t forget your dream destination and that is Delhi-Gurgaon NCR, that is the plavce where you have to be. It is the place where your Aapa lives and she will take good care of you in the coming years.
This is Bhaveen Sheth signing of for the day, will be back with some more

Bhaveen Sheth-DOTSIM-13th of Many 2013-The Day i celebrated my Birthday

DOTSIM stands for the Diary of the Single Indian Male

And the day finally arrived, it was 13th of may 2013. Having taken 4 days leave from work, i celebrated my birthday in peace and solitude. The images below speak on how the day went by:

Waking up early in the Morning-All Fresh and happy

                                                      Dressed for the Day

                                               At Avres restaurant waiting for My order
                                                    And Finally the Food arrives, yummy

                                                  Back Home watching some movies
                                                 Reading my favorite books on Kindle Ebook Reader

                                      Missing you a lot Aapa, her photo is on the Desktop background
                                               Chilling out at Coffee cafe Day

                                   Finally Back home, what a day it was!!!!!! Enjoyed


Bhaveen Sheth

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bhaveen Sheth-DOTSIM-A life well lived-Go and live your Life

DOTSIM stands for Diary of the Single Indian Male.

My Dear Friends,

Please ask your self. Is your life worth it??? Are you enjoying your life, i mean truly enjoying your life????

Look back see how the years have gone by, have a walk down the memory lane.When you recollect your past memoirs, do you smile or is it filled with regrets????

I remeber the statement of late bollywood actor Bob Christo , he said that "There were good times and there were bad times, but at the end of the day it was a life well lived"

We as the Indian males never live our lives, we end up living life through the lenses of other people. That's so pathetic.

And I say , just go , go an free yourself of all the bonds. Go an pursue the vocation of your choice, go and relocate to some good metro and enjoy the urban life, go and travel the length and breadth of this country, go and pursue your hobbies and passions. GO AND LIVE YOUR LIFE.

This is Bhaveen Sheth signing off for the day, will be back with some more.

Bhaveen Sheth