Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tips on Watching a Movie in a Multiplex Alone, all by yourself

DOTSIM stands for the Diary of the Single Indian Male.

Hello Friends,

Wish you all a very Happy Janmashathami!!!!!!!!! (Please Excuse the Spelling)

We all , as the Single Indian Males love to watch movies ( at least 90 percent of the guys reading this post)

And what would it take to watch your favourite movies that have  been released recently in  Multiplexes over the city.


But then there comes a problem, and what would that be?????? Hmmmm, how to watch a movie alone.

After all we live in the Bloody Indian Society , well know for its discrimination towards the Single people.

But don't worry my friends, there is plenty of advice here on how to go about it.

First, just don't worry, pick your wallet, walk in to a multiplex, buy a ticket and watch the show.Initially it may be difficult but then you will get used to it,life is all about experimenting and experiencing.

Please do not depend on someone to accompany you. You are single so learn to enjoy your single life, there is no point in feeling insecure or guilty watching a movie all by yourself in a Multiplex, after all you go to shit in the washroom  alone , you don't take anyone along with you, Do you?????

Avoid the first day first show, that also the nights and the late nights, you will find the multiplex jam packed, the ticket rates raised to a higher level and of course the crowd will consist of the families and the extended families, who will end of talking  non stop throughout the movie, thus murdering your entertainment.Also try to avoid night and late night shows on weekends for the obvious reasons.

The best times to watch a movie in a multiplex for a Single Indian Male is on Weekdays, Morning and afternoon shows and Morning shows on Saturday and Sunday Mornings. Reasons , well , cheaper costs, less crowd, and good entertainment.

Take a half day leave  from your work and watch the movie, get up early on a Sunday and rush to the nearest multiplex to catch up with the Morning show, you will hardly find any families and will be able to watch the movie peacefully.

Eat something before you go to the multiplex, don't spend money on buying the snacks from inside when you know that you can buy the same thing outside at 1/10th the price. Alternatively after watching the movie, go and find some good eatery outside and fill your stomach.

Decide on what kind of movie you want to watch in a Multiplex, don't waste your hard earned money watching gibberish bollywood movies which you can easily download on your system through torrent. Also find out the multiplexes which screen award winning special movies which are often not watched by the general population.

Dress and groom up properly before going to watch a movie, just don't wear anything and end up looking like a slob. After all, the man who goes to watch a movie alone should look impressive. Carry something to pass your time in the waiting lounge while waiting for the movie to start . I mostly carry a book or a magazine. You can also get busy with your cell phone and browse the internet or play a game on your phone. Just be engaged, you should not feel depresses that everyone is a couple or a crowd and you are the only Mr.Single.

Do find the show timings and if you realize that the multiplex is screening two of your favorite movies, you may watch the movies back to back.

So be confident, be happy, take your chance and watch the movie all alone by yourself, because the Single Indian Male in India has every right to live and enjoy his life.

This is Bhaveen Sheth signing off for the day, will be back with a lot more

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

On not becoming the Last unwanted option for an Indian Woman

Dear Single Indian Male Friends,

Hope you guys are doing good. I had a short break from my work in order to relax for some time and recharge my creative mindset. 

I  write a blog post on how one should not become the last remaining option for the Indian Woman.

Most of you guys must be thinking on what i am trying to say.Well!!!! Its pretty simple, majority of you single guys who are reading this post happen to be bachelors, some,  even chronic bachelors. However you may be trying to change your status by getting hitched. Right or Wrong is something for you to accept.

The time tested solution to get hitched in the Indian Society is by asking our parents/ relatives to find someone or then if we happen to work in a modern workplace , i mean real modern workplace where the women come with a modern mindset, then you can expect to find someone there.

But before you start building your castles in dreams, i want to wake you up. PLEASE WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean are you someones last option who is being considered for marriage. At your workplace, is that woman who is responding to your overtures just because she has failed to find that special someone or she is considered as unwanted goods (fat, obese, thin, anorexic, toxic, desperate, lacking manners) and now she feels that you are the last remaining option, think twice my friend, maybe your colleagues are sad to see you live a lonely life and are trying to get you hitched to someone they know, and maybe just maybe that someone is the dejected and rejected person and all someone wants you tie her up with you in holy matrimony.

You go home and your parents and family want you to get married to someone they know. Now everyone does not happen to be an an IIT-IIM passout or some Doctor Sahab who gets to choose the best of the girls or maybe that guy is chosen because of his professional and financial credentials, after all no matter how modern and liberated the Indian Women call themselves,  they often settle down for financial stability even if they have to marry a dork.

Now, a lot of us don't belong to the category that i have mentioned above, we are above average and are doing  jobs in good organizations. We earn  good salaries but do we make the sought after grooms????? I really doubt that.

So coming back to the topic, i can imagine that once you go home to visit your folks you are made to meet girls, you know, the types who belong to your caste, community, religion , gotra and sub gotra. You soon realize that you are considered as the last option, some kind of garbage where a desperate demoralized father wants to dump his daughter. This type of girl for some reason is not accepted elsewhere and she happens to get married to you because you are some sort of last resort.

How do you feel?????? That,  from being a desirable person you are taken to be the least desired. Relations made out of compromise and desperation don't last for long, once that honeymoon phase of life is over , real life starts and it is never easy to compromise all your life.

Have i gone through this situation in my life??? Yes, plenty of times, i mean what else can i go though. Though i have good academic credentials and hold a decent job, but i happen to be an Orphan and a homeless destitute, no one to talk/speak on my behalf other than my foster sister who cares for me like her very own child.

But the reality is that I have become the last option for others, i get matrimonial offers often from dejected and the rejected women and more from their desperate parents, siblings who want to get such women married.

And then i say, are we so bad that we have stoop to such low levels???? Have we lost our self respect???? No , my friends , we don't have to compromise. Given the fact that we have our own limitations, but there is no need to compromise. Live single and be happy.

As i have mentioned in the previous blogpost on becoming the desirable Single Male (please read it) , one must work on becoming a better person and find happiness in his solitude.

So my friends, please go out and focus on your life. And don't , please don't become the last unwanted option for the  some dejected and rejected Indian Woman.


This is Bhaveen Sheth signing off for the day, will be back with a lot more.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bhaveen Sheth:DOTSIM-On not getting depressed by Facebook and other Social Media Uploads

DOTSIM stands for the Diary of the Single Indian Male

Social Media, something that revolutionized the way we communicated. The decade of 2000's saw the emergence of two forms of online social media, first it was orkut and then it was facebook, twitter was a distant cousin and became interesting for microbloggers.

But my discussion today in not on different types of social media's. It is on how the single Indian male gets affected by the same.

Affected!!!! By Social Media!!!!! I mean you couldn't be serious????????

Yes I am!!!! Imagine , you joined the Social Medial mostly Facebook to get in touch with your friends and just be in the league. This was mostly during your college days. You and your friends then got settled in their respective jobs, happy as ever.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bhaveen Sheth-DOTSIM- A Solitary Exstenence in 30's

DOTSIM stands for the Diary of the Single Indian Man.

What can I say about solitary existence, is it worth it??? I don't know!!!!!

I have now entered the decade of my 30's , but life seems all the same for me. Except that there are more responsibilities at work.

I go about doing the same routine that i used to do before like getting up getting ready, going to work, coming back, exercising, reading, watching movies, listening to music and all that.

I happy to be living a life of my choice at my terms and conditions. No obligations to fulfill. 

Somewhere i see the signs of age catching on me, my hairs have now started graying, my forehead has noticeable creases.

But i don't care, i dress and groom well, after all age is a sign of maturity. 

My priorities have however changed, i have started thinking more in terms of investments for my future, i am working on my dream to buy a small house (apartment/flat) so that i can it my dream home. I try to take maximum care of health in order to prepare for the old age.

As written previously, i have given up on marriage and on the possibility of finding a soul mate. In the Indian Society, Orphans like me are nothing but outcasts whom the society does not want.

And still this very Indian Society is not ready to tolerate a single man living a happy life, it just looks that in India everybody wants anybody to get married. Strange!!!!

And as of now i just concentrate on my dreams and my work and hope that one day i can make it to the City of Delhi-National Capital Regions. What has the Single Indian Male have to fear from???

Till then i bid my time and keep on working.