Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bhaveen Sheth-Diary of the SIngle Indian Male-A Writeup on Single People of India

My Dear Single Indian Males,

I cam across an interesting post which throws light on the Pleasures and Perils of living single in India. It is an interesting read and i thought i would share with you.


Bhaveen Sheth

Bhaveen Sheth- Self Made Man in just a Bullshit Word in the Indian Society


The world loves to admire self made men. Best selling books are authored on this Topic. Numerous documentaries are made on renowned self made men.

Recently in many matrimonial profiles that I come across, i had seen the bride's parents looking for a self made man for their daughter.

Bhaveen Sheth-Diary of the Single Indian Male- Search yourself in your Solitude

My Dear Single Indian Males,

Today i would like to discuss on the topic on knowing yourself. How many of us really know who we really are??? The answer is that only few of us know it.

We have been bought up in a close knit family and community and we become men based on the feedback and perception of our near and dear ones. Very few of us get the opportunity to explore the the world outside our homes and communities. Hence we never our selves that well.

The moment an average Indian male reaches a suitable age, a bride hunt starts and he soon gets married, whether he likes it or not. After this starts a new chapter of marriage where the the man has to take up responsibilities and play the tole of a husband, son and father. All this without truly knowing theyself.

In all my years of traveling around India, i have come across such frustrated Men who are living a life without any goals, men who are just counting days, men who have lost it but are just continue to live because they have the burden of responsibilities.

And so my single male friends, cherish your solitude, maybe god has kept us single so that we can discover our selves, maybe we can realize what we really  want in life, our passions and interests are ignited, the freedom to pursue the activities we want.

It is this solitude that will make you realize who you really are and what we really want. So go ahead and take some time so that you can be at peace with your self and you will realize who you really are and what you really want.

This is Bhaveen Sheth signig off for the day , will be back with a lot more later.


Bhaveen Sheth

Bhaveen Sheth -Diary of the Single Indian Male-Avoid the feeling of being left out or missing the opprtunity of Matrimony

My Dear Single Indian male,

Last week two events happened , one of my colleagues in the place where i work and who happens to be 4 years younger to me became and father and my room mate who again happens to be 27 years old got his marriage relation fixed through his family.

Plenty of Single Indian Men who have either missed out the opportunity of getting married or are not getting married may have gone through similar situations. There are times when you see that people who are younger to you are getting married , may of them have become fathers and mothers with tiny tots in their arms.

And there you are still single with no woman and child around you.

Bhaveen Sheth-Diary of the Single Indian Male-What Majority of Indian Girls want after Marriage

My Dear Single Indian Male: Please read the truth about what majority of girls in our country want after marriage. Love understanding, caring friendly, compassionate  and all those glossy things are just a things written to give a different impression. The reality is mentioned below. Please read it

What do Woman expect after marriage: (Taken from times of India)

Not getting Married is better, here are some real facts: Before Marriage : Dad gives nokia 3310 with 25 rupees recharge (prepaid connection with 1p/sec plan) with only limited text and outgoing calls: After Marriage :expectation is a Smart phone (usually latest Blackberry or Sony Experia) with unlimited calls,text, 3d camera, 4g conn
ection .Before marriage she gives "missed call" after marriage you give missed calls. Before marriage : Dad / mom gives one chudihar/salwar for birthday :After Marriage: expectation is branded/ designer clothes, roaming around in malls with big sun glasses, shorts and T shirts. Before Marriage: Dal,roti and chaawal (sometimes with pickle or papad): After marriage expectations is Thai, Mexican, Italian dinner (with candle light). Before Marriage: vital stats are 36-26-36, after marriage 40-50-60. Before Marriage : Places visited local theater with some silly idiot (boy friend),sharing a 200ml pepsi and an oily samosa / half cooked vada pau or going to Pizza Hut, KFC occasionally and maximum one burger (for Rs 30.00 including taxes) from Mc Donald per year - but they will brag about it the whole year. After Marriage :Expectation is UK, US - visit the Vegas strip and a 7 day luxury cruise with T shirt and shorts, big dark sun glasses, designer hand bags and watches. Before Marriage: mode of travel is BMW (Bus-Metro-Walk) After marriage : Mercedes Benz (Minimum C Class), Audi,VW.or Lexus. Before Marriage: she says she is totally ignorant about IPC's (Indian penal codes), After Marriage: master in interpreting all provisions of IPC 498a. Before Marriage : rented house in some galli/mohalla: After Marriage: Minimum apartment and the poor husband will be stressed and frustrated paying the housing/car/credit card loans and by the time the loans are over he is totally stressed and frustrated (ends up with BP, receding hairline etc) - Bottom Line : Very conservative when it comes to dads money but lavish and dont care attitude about husbands money Folks this might bit exaggerated, some girls are very good but when you go out in the society most of them appear to be like what I mentioned ..... Damm it ....either way you just can't do with them or without them .........I hope you agree!
This is Bhaveen Sheth signing of for the day, will be back with some more.
Bhaveen Sheth

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bhaveen Sheth-Diary of the Single Indian Male-Spare your Parents of the Humiliation

My Dear Single Indian  Men,

Today I would like to discuss on the Topic of sparing your parents from Humiliation.

Many a Times we read articles or blog posts of the parents of an Indian Girl who openly tell about the humiliating experiences that they have to face when they want to get their divorced, widowed or over aged daughter  married, not to mention the girl who does not fit into the ideal requirement of being the typical Indian Bride ( fair, good looking, dumb, respects elders slim and all the other bullshit crap).

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bhaveen Sheth-Diary of a Single Indian Male- Finacial Planning

My Dear Single Indian Males ,

Please start planning for your future and when i said planning, i meant financial planning , not family planning. Hence please go read the following link on first post, it was basically wwritten keeping the single Indian woman in mind, but the same rules apply to the single Indian male as well.

Go  ahead read the post an plan your future:

This is Bhaveen Sheth signing off , will be back with some more.


Bhaveen Sheth

Diary of a Single Indian Male-We are the Chosen ones

My Dear Single Indian Men,

All my brothers who are single for whatever reasons, please don't get depressed. Let me tell you that taking a decision to be single is not easy , especially for men. It takes a lot of courage and guts to stay alone.

And guess what!!!! all you single men out there have the courage to stay alone. Please don't be disheartened, remember we are the chosen ones, chosen by god to stay alone and be happy. There is something productive that we single men are going to contribute to the society and to the world.

So enjoy this single life and remain happy.

This is Bhaveen Shetn signing off for the day, will be back with some more.


Bhaveen Sheth

Bhaveen Sheth-Confessions of an Intellectual Arrogant Male

Yes I am arrogant, so what??

I am arrogant because i am a subject matter expert.

I am arrogant because I keep myself updated with the latest developments happening in my field.

I am arrogant because i value my self respect and my personal dignity.

I approach people with a so called "down to earth nature" only to be rebuked, insulted and humiliated so now i take the arrogant stance.

I approach incompetent and insecure people, so insecure that they will do anything do defend their position. Mediocrity has become the norm in all industries in this country.

I ask a little bit of help and support from you and you treat me like a class 4 category staff and then you call me arrogant.

Why don't you admit that you get inferiority complex when you meet intellectual and competent people????

I am arrogant and I will remain arrogant and you know what?? I give a shit about it. I am thick skinned and can take such form of criticism, because i know that my work will prove my worth.

This is Bhaveen Sheth signing off for the day, will get back with more.

Bhaveen Sheth

Bhaveen Sheth Confessions of an Orphan

Being an Orphan in India is difficult. A lot of people think that orphans are like Huckleberry fins or Oliver twists, worst , people have an image of an orphan right from the 70's and the 80's Bollywood movie, that of a child wearing a  torn banyan and shorts wit a bowl in his hand begging for Alms. They can't imagine an Orphan having a good corporate job.

Anyways let’s leave the Historical facts  behind, but as an orphan I often have to  lie about my real identity, when asked about my family background, i just say that they are in their Home town living a retired life. This one statement shuts the mouths of a lot of people.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bhaveen Sheth-Diary of Single Indian Male-The Basics

Dear All,

Greetings for the Day!!!!

This post is mainly to target the Single Indian Male. He can be a single orphan (like me), divorced/widowed or a man coming from a dysfunctional family who has decided to stay single all his life.

When I searched for any information relating to the Single Indian Male on Google, I did not find anything relevant, I did find the Diary of the Single Indian Girl, but nothing on a Man.

My writings here are to give advice to all Single Men Living in the Indian Setup across different Cities and Towns of India. Class/Caste, social and financial status does not matter. The idea here is to share one’s feelings and exchange ideas on how one can survive living as a single man.