Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pics from participation during the Marathon Season

Winter brings a lot of marathon events. The single Indian male participated in the unity run, the IRMA run and the greenathon. It was real fun. The pictures below depict it all :

On being Happily unmarried or being unhappily married

I come across a lot of people who often say that they are happily married when they introduce themselves.

And I,  the single Indian Male often wonders, is it all true??? How come everyone is happily married???? HAHAHAHAHAHAA, its all a bluff. We Indians love faking a happy marriage in front of people.

The single people are often made to feel unhappy , courtesy their single status.

And then I say, where is the happiness in a dysfunctional marriage?? Where is the happiness in being stuck with a person whom you cant even  relate to??? Where is the happiness in living a dull mediocre life???

No pun intended, but majority of Indian men get married for two things, just two things. Sex and society approval. That's it. That is the only thing that one gets married for. And when the sexual hangover is over, the society approval has come through, life just becomes boring. There is nothing special.

No one, just no one has ever advertised the concept of a happy single life in India. No one has portrayed a happy unmarried life. Why???? Cause such things don't sell dude. Just imagine if solo living was strongly advertised it would have become a threat to the entire matrimonial industry.

And if given a choice of what I the single Indian male would like to choose a single life, at least it guarantees happiness.