Sunday, November 23, 2014

You Tube. A great source of entertainment

Every single Indian man worth his salt reading this blog post will know about You tube and will be able to link it up on the Internet.
Yes we know that you tube has been existing on the net for a long time. But is it of any use to us Indians??? Considering the slow internet connections that we have, the low bandwidths and not to forget that it takes an entire night to download a movie on torrent.
I agree!!!! But guys!!! Have you tried to view it on your smart phone???? If not please try it. Streamlining on your Smartphone.
I discovered this a year after I had bought my Samsung galaxy S 3 Mini smart phone. It was fun to watch videos and movie trailers. But then a thought came to my mind. Why not watch an entire movie???

Bhaveen Sheth from a third person’s perspective

Bhaveen Sheth, who is this person???? He has and will always be an enigma to a lot of people. Many know him as a person who has been odd, eccentric living life on his own terms with no care and concern for the society or the people.
I know him, I know him personally having seen his life for the last 15 years, the trials and tribulations that he has faced. I can say I am one of those lucky few to whom he has really opened up and shared his thoughts and feelings.
After 15  years I have chosen to break my silence and have convinced him to post my write-up on his blog known as the diary of the single Indian male.
What Bhaveen is today or what people perceive him today is not the Bhaveen I knew or met 15 years ago. At that time he was the most happiest and cheerful person you would ever meet, full of life, hyper, vivacious. It seemed that all events of his life had been programmed and he was just following a sequence.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Blog and Website for all the Singletons

Dear Friends,

Browsing through the net in search for topics on single people, I came across this particular site that is dedicate to single people. Please go through the link and I hope you will find it helpful and motivating.