Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Grab the Opportunity and Live the moment

Bhaveen Sheth , the single Indian Man would like to put in some words of wisdom to his single Indian fellowmen. Go and grab the opportunities, grab it by its horns and live the moment.

Go and live your life, enjoy every day, have those memorable experiences so that you will have no regrets. Be it your job, career, hobby or anything that interests you, go ahead and live your life. Don't get bothered with what the society will say or what  people will say, what they have to say they will say it anyway. Why waste your life living your life based on the opinions of others.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015


My Dear Married Indian Men,
A very good evening to all. Chances are that you would  never be reading this post. I can understand. But I am writing this post to air my grievance againt men of your kind, yes!!!! The married kind.
You are the guys who seem to take a maximum offence of us, the single Indian men. Why man???? Don’t you have a life??? Don’t you have something to do?? Why is it that you envy us so much??
I know why???? Because you are married to an Indian woman and married in the Indian society. That’s why???
At times I pity you. Your life is a misery, overburdened by responsibilities and inspite of all the major commitments that you have on your plate , you go on to targeting the single Indian male. You ridicule him , make harsh criticisms and even to the extent to show that he is an incompetent and an incapable person.
So let me analyze your condition first. Its a myth that you are happy , no matter how much you pretend to be!!!!! Posting a happy family photograph on your profile over eh social media does not prove the same.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Why does the Indian society hate/detest the single Indian Man?

Every single Indian man reading this will agree with the above heading. It does not matter if you have never married or you are divorcee or even a widower. Being single is considered to be a crime as per the norms of the Indian society.
No one likes us and no one wants us. We, the single Indian men are by default treated as outcasts.
So I try to analyze and write down on reasons why we are hated by the society.
We are considered to be threats to the existing social structure. Yes, it is true. Look around; every man who completes his education and gets a job is married as soon as possible. Have you ever seen an Indian man who is successful on the professional front and is not willing to get married? NOPE!!!! The very word of marriage makes the Indian man salivate like a street dog. It is a custom that every man has to follow by hook or crook. Not doing the same is considered that you are a rebel or an insurrectionist who happens to challenge the very foundation of the Indian society i.e. marriage.
Bringing dishonour to the family name: If chastity and virginity of the Indian woman maintains the family honour then marriage of an Indian man does the same. The Indian male who does not get married dishonours his family name and legacy. He is hated and detested by his own near and dear ones.
ABNROMAL: My dear single Indian male friends!!!! Haven’t you heard jibes, criticisms, remarks aimed at you and your single status. If the Indian society labels the single Indian woman as a slut, whore or spinster, we the single Indian men are not spared either. We are considered to be abnormal and we fall under the categories of GAY, RAPIST, PAEDOPHILE, PERVERT, IMPOTENT, INCOMPETENT and many more designations that our peers allot us.
Loss of business to the materialistic marriage industry: My friends!!!! Have you ever been to a wedding these days. You must be lucky if you have been called, considering the apartheid system that is practiced by the Indian society against that single people which clearly states at any social function “DOGS AND SINGLES NOT ALLOWED”. So if you happen to make it an Indian wedding these days, just have a look around. You will see a huge amount of money that is splurged for unnecessary reasons. There has been wedding industry that has grown in the last two decades, thanks to India’s economic liberalization and the rise in the purchasing power of people. If market estimates are correct the marriage industy is worth Rs 1000 crore. WOW!!!! And it also happens to be a recession proof industry , come what may. So now what happens when men decide that they want to remain single???? We invite the wrath and ire of people related to the marriage industry. If there will be no marriage, how will the industry sustain itself???
A threat to the jobs of feminists: India is a nation that I believe harbours the most violent and toxic feminists in the world. The women who are writers, activists, socialists, chairpersons of various women’s organizations and NGO’s etc. Their work is only male bashing, not a day goes by when you don’t see them create a mountain out of a mole hill. So if an Indian man does not get married, there will be no problems at all. There will no dowry harassment, no domestic violence, no marital rape, no physical and emotional abuse of a woman in marriage, no divorce and no irretrievable breakdown of marriage. It clearly means that there will be no work for the feminists. So marriage is a must for all dramas to take place in order to keep our Indian feminists occupied.
Envy to the married Indian man: They say that a woman can be a woman’s worst enemy; the same applies to men and that to the married Indian men. You see, these married men are not happy to see us live a happy single life. After all we are living our lives and they are not. Their story is different; they were married in their mid or late 20’s to the beautiful or not so beautiful Indian wife. While their initial years had been bliss, they have now settled for a routine mediocre life. They are not able to do a lot of things that they desire. The burden of financial and social responsibilities is being shouldered by them. And when they see us happy, they get jealous. They can’t tolerate us because we remind them about freedom, about independence, about pursuing ones dream and passion which they can’t. They have become the prisoner of the Indian marriage system; they are now at the mercy of their wives who hold them on a leash. The married Indian men cannot pursue their career with the zest and passion that we the single Indian men do nor can they travel to places that we go to. So how do they take their revenge??? They taunt and sideline us!!! They criticise us of being an impotent. They question of manliness of not being able to have a woman in our lives.
As I end this blogpost, I would state that there would many reasons on why the Indian society detests the single Indian man. They above mentioned reasons are common that we come across. But whatever it may be please don’t lose heart and feel sad. When you chart your own course of life you will often come across people who will put you down, so please don’t mind them because they have no mind of their own.
Go ahead and live your single life and prove to the world that there happiness in a solo 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

From the Bloggers Desk-BHAVEEN SHETH

We are already in the end of January 2015.This year is going so fast. Just like all your new year resolutions made in the past you must have made some  for the year 2015. Go ahead and achieve the same.
This year my blog titled as “The Diary of the Single Indian Male” completes five years. I had started this blog to express and write down my experiences that I faced on a day to day basis living a solo life. Mid way I realized that there was a small community of single Indian men whose numbers was growing over the course of time. Many either men are now remaining single either due to destiny and choice. Hence I decided to dedicate my blog post to single Indian men
And who says that  it is easy to live a single life within the borders of India or the enclosure of the Indian society??Who says that single Indian men are having fun and enjoying their lives??
We live in a society that is extremely intolerant, a society known for prejudice and double standards towards those who do not follow the norms or live up to it’s so called expectations. Anyone who challenges the moral code/fabric of the society is sidelined or treated as an outcast.
The single Indian male is not immune from the atrocities (though not violent) of the Indian society. Single men reading this blog post will understand what I am trying to state. My intention to write this post in not to brood on our problems , but to face them head on and emerge as a winner.
We the single Indian men have to rise and show the world that we can live a solo life and be happy.
Some readers have asked me that why have I chosen to write on such a n obscure topic? The answer is very simple and clear. Go to Google search and type Single Indian Woman. A dozen topics will appear on google search. There are blogs write-ups on single Indian women and even on single Indian moms. Now do the same with single Indian man and you will come across limited topics. Now please don’t tell me that there are no single Indian men in India and abroad.
The only problem is that unlike women we are not vocal about our problems, difficulties and challenges. We don’t express ourselves in the written word. With my blog post I would like to discuss our lives and experiences collectively.
 The feminists have gone berserk and have often criticized my writing accusing me of being a sexist, male chauvinist pig, desperate loser, horny porn addict and god knows what. To them my answer is very clear. All the above designations that you have conferred upon me certainly don’t apply. You, the educated Indian feminist can label Indian men as bastards, rapists, paedophiles, losers, mamma’s boys, incompetent husbands and careless lovers. Seriously!!!!!!And you think that you are perfect???You feel that you have no flaws?? What makes you think that you can write and publish baseless nonsense against Indian men and get away with it??? Some time back I came across a page on facebook titled as “ All Indian Men are dogs”. Wow!!! But that also means that your(the writers) father, brother, husband and son are dogs too.
You Indian women have your flaws, You Indian women have major behavioural issues that need to be addressed. And just because I happen to write upon certain issues related to Indian men, I cannot be labelled as a sexist. I write what I observe. I write on the emotional abuse that Indian wives subject their husbands to.
There is nothing will stop me from writing as freedom of expression is my fundamental right.
To all the single Indian men, I am here to support you and I thank all my readers and followers for encouraging me to go on with my writing. I promise that in the years 2015 more posts will be written related to the single Indian male.