Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bhaveen Sheth-DOTSIM-An open letter to the Indian Society from the Single Indian Male

DOTSIM stands for the Diary of the Single Indian Male.

Today i would like to write an open letter to the Honorable Indian Society for the way it treats us the Single Indian Men and appeal to the Members of this Honorable Society to change their attitude towards us and let us live the life we want.

So here I begin............................................

We are the Single Indian males, we can be orphans, divorced, widowers, separated ones from a dysfunctional family or plainly those who never got married.

Please don't look down upon us, just becasue you are married and happen to have a family, it does not mean that everyone has to follow the same path, exceptions are always there.

Do not give us any of your fake sympathies because of the our single status.

We are not the depressed one who are brooding and crying behind closed doors, we live our lives 100 % and enjoy every moment of it.

Do not bring us the proposal of your near and far off female relatives who are still not married, thinking that we are some last resort for them. Do not consider as a garbage can where the dejeted and rejected women of the Indian Society are to be dumped into

Being single does not make us criminals or outcasts, do not treat us as potential molesters, rapists and paedophiles.

Because we happen to live in the same Society Building, please invite us for social functions and festival get together s, because most of the time we are neglected.

Please stop repeating this age old statement "The man who eats the sweet of marriage repents and even the man who does not eat shall repent" .We have heard it a million times.

Don't give astonishing looks when you see a single man eating alone at a restaurant. No restaurant has ever barred a man who has the capability to pay the bill for eating at that place. We also have the right to dine at public places.

The same thing applies to a single man going to a multiplex and watching a movie alone, just because you happen to have an eye candy girlfriend beside you or you have come with your joint family, it does not mean that single men have no right to be there. Stags are banned in discotheques not in cinemas.

Do not looks upon  us as losers, just because we are single and do not have a family. It is much worse to live unhappily with a bitter spouse than to live happily as a single person.

Do not scare us with sentences like " Who is going to take care of you when you get Old". Let me tell you this, that life is unpredictable, you may never know what will happen the very next moment.

Given the fact that as single men we happen to save a lot of money, but please stop telling us what are  we going to do with all these savings??? We do have a life and we spend on ourselves. And given that we are going to remain single, we have long term investment plans.

We go to the Gym, we jog, we go to saloons, we take good care of ourselves. Please don't say that for whom are we doing all this. We do this to be fit, look good and feel better about ourselves. Just because you happen to have a big pot belly larger than the belly of a 9 month pregnant woman, it does not mean that everyone is supposed to be the same.

Given that we are single, but do not consider us a beasts of burden or social service workers who have taken up the burden of serving the society for free. You, the Indian society members take us for granted, by calling us to give you a free hand to work as manual laborer in your social functions, or by dumping your children in our homes in order to baby sit them for free.

At office , please do  not discriminate us by dumping additional work upon us just because we are single and have all the free time the world.

We also have desires, needs and wants and if we happen to date a single woman of our age and bring her to our apartment for one night, then please stop treating us as social criminals. Sex is a natural desire just like food and water, one does not require a legal sanctimony or seven rounds to quench ones carnal desire. Why can't you admit that as some kind of pathetic looser , you happen to be stuck with a wife who happens to be a cross between a Water buffalo and a hippopotamus and after giving birth to your children, she has stopped having sex with you. And i f you happen to be a woman, then my statement is that just because your sex life is screwed up , it does not mean that others should not enjoy. I am done with you and your bloody third class DOUBLE STANDARDS.

As the Single men we do love to travel and see different places, so do not raise you eye brows if you happen to see an Indian male sight seeing. India is still a safe country for the Single Male traveller.

To the Women folk, whether married or single, please admire us. After all there is always some mystery that we the single men carry with our selves, and enigmatic men are considered to be an object of interest. We love it when you admire and desire us.

To the jealous husbands, just because we speak to your wives and have a nice intellectual conversation with them, it does not mean that we are hitting on them  and if you happen to be so insecure , then please drape your wife in a black purdah and imprison her in your house. Your insecurity does not mean that we should stop talking to the women folk.

To all the grand mothers, grand fathers and so called senior citizens of the Indian Society, please stop giving us your pathetic advices, your so called wisdom and knowledge that you have attained in your life time. we are sick and tired of it. Otherwise also you have no other creative work to do. So kindly don't infringe on my personal space otherwise i will spit an entire dictionary of bad words and expletives on you.

As single men we love to make proper use of our time and we love taking up different activities and learning new skills, so stop saying that this is not an age to pursue interests and hobbies.Life does not have to stop post marriage or after having kids. And if life has become mundane and boring for you, it happens to be your problem, so stop bothering us.

We the Single Indian Men love to live our Single Lives.

This is Bhaveen Sheth signing off for the day, will be back with some more.

Bhaveen Sheth

Monday, April 1, 2013

Bhaveen Sheth-DOTSIM- Cosolidation of my Professional Development

DOTSIM stands for the Diary of the Single Indian Male

Dear All,

The New Financial year begins tomorrow. Already 3 months of 2013 have gone by. This year has been progressing rapidly

I now work on consolidation of my  Career and professional development. I still feel there are miles to go and the journey is long.

I plan to get  admission into the executive diploma management program that i have been vying for a long time. This specialization will give an official credential to justify my work, plus what feeling  would it give  be to hold double masters degrees both from reputable universities???.

Along with the above i plan to achieve advanced certifications in the field of my specialization. There are plenty and i shall decide which ones to choose.

My love and fascination for the english language grows day by day and i read a lot in order to develop my mastery over this language, what satisfaction would it given when i teach this language to other people and the empowerment they will get, i can't even fathom the same. I also strive to become an online content writer which seems to have become a hobby of mine.

We all need to strive everyday for continuous development bothe personally and professionally because in it we will find peace and satisfaction.

The New financial year has started and i hope it bring better prospects for all of us.

This is Bhaveen Sheth signing off for the day, will be back with a lot more.