Thursday, December 26, 2013

An inspiring qoute for the single Indian male

Often we are criticized and accused of not living by the norms of the Indian society. Today I would like to share a quote with all of you which will inspire us and make us feel proud of our single status.

Whom do you have to go back to??????

My dear single Indian male friends. Greetings for the Day!!!!!!

Often I have been asked this question, whom do you have to go back to after your work/office hours????Friends, relatives and  colleagues ask me this questions on and off. Some tell me that they have to go back to their parents and while the other state that they have to go back their spouses and children.

But the question put in front of me is , whom do I have to go back to??? Empty homes, silent rooms, with no one waiting for me and having my lunch and dinner in solitary spaces!!!!

So the single Indian male would like to answer to the members of the Indian society that we do have things to go back to after office hours and my answers come down in the following statements:

We do go back to our homes, for some it is a dream home which has been made out of hard work, bought on housing loans with payment of EMI's and it is our home.

We have a nice shower to go back to where we have the luxury of having a peaceful bath, for some enthusiastic people there is even a jacuzzi.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

And you call me the Selfish Self Centered Single Indian Male

With a heavy heart the single Indian male would like to pour his strong statements aimed to all the members of the Indian society, expressing his grievance to the mistreatment meted out to the brotherhood of the single Indian Male.

Having crossed into my thirties, I am often reminded about my single status by many members if the Indian Society. When my answer to their question is NO!! I have chosen to remain single, i get barrage of criticisms which are described below:

"You are running away from responsibility." " You are breaking the society traditions " " You are a rebel." "You have high expectations from marriage." "You think too much." " You are money minded, selfish." "You just can't get along with anyone". There is plenty more but for now I would like restrict.

And so here is my statement to all you members who call me the Selfish Self Centered Single Indian Male:

While I am happily living my day to day life , you are brooding and cursing your miserable married life but you call me the Selfish Self Centered Single Indian Male.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Why does the Indian Society detest the Single Indian Male

My Dear Single Indian Male Friends,

Greetings for the day!!!!

I hope you guys are doing good and are enjoying the winter. Its a pleasant season indeed, the cold climate, the pleasant weather, the hot beverages, the winter wear and for some lucky guys a lovely sex life, I mean if you are really having one (HIHIHIHIHIIIII)

Putting all the above things aside, I would like to write down my thoughts on the main topic i.e.why does the Indian Society hare and detest the Single India Male!!!!! Any takers to my statement. Maybe none.

People of the Indian Society don't like us and i will be very frank about it. And please, I am not imagining, I am not paranoid and I am certainly not schizophrenic. I am just being tuthful.

We the Single Indian Male challenge the very norms/rules that make up the pillars of the Indian Society. Every single man worth his salt gets married and when we dare to be different we are certainly looked upon with contempt and disgust.

One can see single females around, many of them have chosen to remain single because of their own personal reasons and I can very well understand that. But Men!!!! Seriously!!!! How many men have you seen remaining single all their lives because they made a choice.Chances are,  very few.

Our single status is a cause of concern to anyone and everyone around us. Relatives who just won't stop asking questions on when we we will get hitched or are trying to hook us up with some family friend they know who also happens to be single. Office colleagues who feel that we are desperate and need someone ( I still don't get it that how can one have such a weird imagination). But no one in India follows the principle "To Each on his own" or " Live and let live"

The fact is that the Indian Society can't see a single man living his life happily and enjoying. The fact is that many of our married counter parts are living a miserable life, a life filled with frustrations, loveless marriages, the resposnibilities, children, loans and EMI's etc and what not.

The Elderly people see us as rebels who are breaking the traditions. Protective parents see us as potential rapists, pedophiles and sex maniacs  who are out to abuse their children. Insecure husbands looks upon us to be a threat, the kind of bad boy who will snatch his wife. Landlords look upon us as trouble makers.

Al the above assumptions are made and perceived by the members of the Indian society.

But none of them are willing to accept that they (the people of the Indian Society) are secretly envying our single lives. We live life fully, we enjoy. We have our hobbies and we are creative. We have no responsibilities other than that of our parents or siblings. We have no burdens of EMI's or home loans. No children. No spouse with whom we are stuck forever even if we don't like/love them . The flexibility of changing jobs or pursuing our interests, freedom to join our dream organizations, the joy of backpacking and traveling alone. The enjoyment that we derive of going to watch movies in multiplexes, cinemas, shows/dramas, book events, plays, exhibitions etc while they are all stuck with that HAPPY INDIAN FAMILY. And not forget the jealousy you get when you see us lean and thin and TONED  ( because we have time to exercise and work out) while you are having a pot belly just waiting to burst out. Our grooming makes people go green with envy.

When perceptions and realities don't match people find it hard to accept. Time and again, movies have shown the single man to be brooding, a man with broken heart who also happens to be alcoholic, a depressed man who is perpetually crying, man who is waiting for a princess to come along. Now that's what movies show, but in reality when people see us happily enjoying our lives, all they can do is hate.

So be it, let them hate us. Let them say all sorts of things, you know, losers, irresponsible, uncommitted, free living, hippy, hermits and whatever. We are what we are, the Single Indian Men  and we will live our lives the way we want it to be.