Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Single Indian Male and Counselling Women

Counseling, hmmmmmmmm what does this mean???? For starters, I take this definition from the word web dictionary, it means Direction or helpful suggestions regarding a decision or future course of action.

In India, our country , our motherland, it seems that each and every second person is some sort of a counselor, imparting free advice to whomsoever he/she can , at any given time or in any given setting. Ohhh, people in our country love giving advices.

Now how does this concern us and by us I mean the Single Indian Male. Other than being treated like some kind of small child, we feel that some one is disturbing our privacy and requesting us to live in a way that they want us to.

Starting with the root cause of this matter, lets first identify who these Counseling women are (other than your Mother and Sister):

Your Office Colleague (Who seems to be happily married, i mean SEAMS TO BE )
Your Subordinate
Near and far female relatives
Next door neighbor (yaaa the woman who has chosen to be a housewife and has no other work in life)
Your Female Boss ( In case she happens to be a real female, hihihihihihihihi)

These are just a few examples but there can be many more.

And what the hell or heaven on earth would be their problem. Hmmmm , they can't see us being single living a solo live. Why????? I don't know man!!!!! Because it is impossible to read a woman's mind, and not even god has been able to do, we are just ordinary mortals.

These woman seem to live some sort of picture perfect life, a happy family, decent education, a satisfying career and a decent job. They have nothing to complain about. Some of them are happily married having caring husbands and lovely children. Everything in their life is perfect.

So when we as the Single Indian male happen to cross their paths in whatever ways, we somehow are looked upon to be an imperfect specimen in their so called perfect world.They feel that we are sad, depressed, lonely, brooding and god knows what as per their imagination. They feel that we are desperate for some type of female companionship

And so they counsel us, counsel us on getting married, counsel us on the joys of a married life, on joys of having a family or children. I can understand that. But what i can't understand is that why can't they just stop counseling and leave us on our own. We do have a life. Whatever we do, i.e if we go out watch movies alone, if we eat alone at a restaurant or we enjoy a nice cup of coffee at at coffee shop, they come with one sort of solution and that is to get married.

If all of the above were not enough, they even find someone who they feel will be our perfect partner, when i mean someone, that means maybe her friend, or some nearby or close relative who unfortunately also happens to be single. Oh dear.

At times I am not able to fathom what is the problem with such counseling women???? Why is it that they want to remote control other peoples  lives??? Why they feel that they can bring solace to the suffering of everyone on earth?????

They do not understand that we are happy being single an even more happier living our life. They  don't realize that may just maybe we have not been lucky to have a happy go lucky life like them, that we have problems in associating with someone, that we are better off if left alone, that we are independent, can take care of our selves and do not need anyone to complete us.

Sometimes I wish they could understand this, but alas they don't. So, what what does the Single Indian male do, nothing, he just listens for the time being and then goes on to do what he feels is right.

Let the counseling Indian Women talk, at best they can only do that.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The SIngle Indian Male and the small town/city mentality

The Small town /city mentality!!!!!What does this mean?????? Err. Simple. Leave behind big metro cities in this country and you are exposed to the small town/city mentality and what would that be my dear sir???? Well, it is the narrow minded thinking of the people of small towns and cities.

We as the single Indian Men may at times have to  relocate to smaller cities or towns in order to find better opportunities, better career prospects, good salary raises, an opportunity to work in area of your interest and many other reasons.

While at work we may be happy and content finding one hundred job satisfaction, on the personal level there is nothing but frustration and dissatisfaction. Reason????? Small town mentality!!!!!!!

This is nothing but the narrow minded thinking of the people and a rigid Indian society that they live in, as a society that never changed with time. And how do we as the Single Indian Men get affected by it????? Oh Man, give me one reason why we don't.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

On the Posibilities of taking endless travels across India

My dear single Indian Male Friends,

Greetings for the season!!!!!!

Diwali is over and once again life is on track for all of us. We are back to our jobs and workplaces.(Much to our unhappiness and displeasure)

I hope you all must have done some fun loving things during the festive season other than eating sweets and blowing crackers.

Anyways, today i would like to discuss on the aspect on taking endless travels across India, our country, our nation and our motherland.

Okay!!!!! Now before you raise your objections and say What??? Why??? How Come????? and all that stuff. I would put in some words of wisdom and say why not dude??? Is there some problem????

I can understand that many of you guys would have traveled abroad to western countries and the far east and think that traveling across the Indian  subcontinent is an obsolete idea indeed, but  before you jump to conclusions of your own ,let me assure you that think it all over again.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Bhaveen Sheth-DOTSIM- An Open letter to my Readers and crtitics alike.

DOTSIM stands for the diary of the Single Indian Male.

I start my blogpost by wishing everyone a very happy diwali and greetings of the season.

Over the past few months my blog posts have been read and  appreciated by some readers while some of them criticized my writings stating that they found it sarcastic, anti-women, patriarchal, sexist and  to an extent t that I, the writer seems to be sexually frustrated,  on a look out for women to sleep with.

First of all i would like to clarify that my blog is intended for the so called species of the single Indian men, something that used to be rare in our Indian Society is now gradually rising in numbers, thankfully more and more men have taken the decision to be single and when i say single Indian men , i refer to the Urban, educated, upwardly mobile, middle and upper middle class men, men who are professionals, well educated and hold respectable jobs. It is certainly not aimed at the average frustrated Indian male who happens to be single because he is an incompetent person, a man who has failed both on the personal and professional fronts, having no other option but to stay single and not to forget men who belong to regions and communities of India where female foeticide and infanticide is a common practice.

My posting  here describes the feelings of the Single Indian men, the advantages of being single, the problems and challenges faced by us in an increasingly intolerant and prejudiced society, on ways to improve the quality of our lives and a lot more.

There are many websites and blogs for the single Indian Women, but there are hardly any for us. If you want to verify , please google blogs on the Single Indian Male, chances are you will find limited sites.I am trying to create a forum where single Indian Males can meet, read, share and discuss on common issues.

And no, this blog was, is and will never be anti-women, patriarchal, misogynist or sexist in nature. It is sad to see that the Digital Indian Media is filled with all kinds of anti Indian man write ups, from being labelled as a rapist to a pedophile, from being called a mama's boy to a pathetic and a worthless husband and what not, but still we the Indian men neither protest nor do we find it inflammatory. But if we write something and something that is really truthful about the Indian Women within the backdrop of the Indian Society,  readers find it offensive. OHHHH C'mon grow up, learn to accept life with a pinch of salt. And please tell me??Are all the women we come across in our society or country SATI SAVITRI'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, i mean really!!!! , is that the real scenario, i completely disagree.

And Sex, what is wrong if some of my write ups are on this Topic.Why is such an important need to tabooed in our society??? Do the Single Indian Women only have the right to discuss this topic on online forums????Is it a copy right of the female fraternity??? If we Indian Men write on our sexual desires on an online forum, we are labelled as perverts, sexual maniacs, frustrated dogs with a raging libido.!!!!!!!! Oh Yaaa!!!! So , my dear Indian Women , with whom are you going to have sex with , some Pakistani or Afghan across the border or some African who is our country on a student visa ( and well drug trade). Grow up, women , grow up. I am not giving advices to anyone on molesting and raping an innocent female. I am just sharing my opinions and thought processes with like minded single Indian Men. And please don't tell me that you don't like sex!!!!!!!!! Stop being a bloody hypocrite!!!!!

My blog wants to bring out some harsh realities about the Indian Society to all my online readers, realities which we have often denied, realities that we  accepted, tolerated and kept quiet, realities that have  ruined the lives if some of us, realities that give us hope in a society filled with gloom and despair.

I will continue to blog and share my thoughts, whether you like it or not, whether you appreciate it or not.