Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The unreasonable expectations that Indian women have from marriage

My dear single Indian men,

Greetings from the author, Bhaveen Sheth

After reading the title of this blog post, many of you would have walked down the memory when you were looking for a suitable match. Many of my readers may still be on a lookout as they read this post. Yaaaa, I can understand, we men look out for that eligible bachelorette  with whom we want to settle down and spend a lifetime. But if truth be told and truth be heard, you must have come across unreasonable expectations of many Indian women who want to get married.

So in a few points written below, I list down the typical unreasonable expectations that many Indian  women have from a normal marriage:

Unreasonable expectations of having the most pompous, perfect, crowd gathering engagement and marriage ceremony.

Unreasonable expectations of having a separate two or four wheeler after marriage.

Unreasonable expectations that the husband should live separately from his parents.

Unreasonable expectations that the husband should buy an apartment on EMI's. The gracious madam will not stay in a rented house. It is below her dignity.

Unreasonable expectations of hiring a housemaid after marriage. It is below her dignity to do housework.

Unreasonable expectations of quitting work after marriage and becoming a full time homemaker.

Unreasonable expectations that the husband should be willing to relocate to her home town and not vice versa.

Unreasonable expectations of having lunch and dinner at expensive restaurants on weekends.

Unreasonable expectations of taking expensive vacations at exotic locations.

Unreasonable expectations on when and where to have a child.

Unreasonable expectations of having a carefree life after marriage.

Unreasonable expectations of splurging money on unwanted shopping.

Unreasonable expectations of living an uber rich lifestyle after marriage.

Unreasonable expectations of buying the latest electronic gadgets.

Unreasonable expectations that her dreams and desires will always be fulfilled by her husband.

These are just some that I chose to mention but I very well know that this list could this list could be infinite.

This is Bhaveen Sheth, the single Indian male singing off for the day and I promise to be back with a lot more write-ups.

Remain single and regret over one thing, get married and regret over a thousand things-Word of wisdom from Bhaveen Sheth

In India you have to get married, whether you like it or not .Either your carnal feelings get you into holy matrimony or it is your family, society or peer pressure that does.

But you will always have regrets whether you get married or not.Now let us say that you don't get married, I mean you decide that you want to stay single. Then  what? Well! You just have one regret.The fact that you are single and everyone else is married. That's it.

However when you get married in the Indian society , you end up carrying a thousand plus regrets.The reason is simple and clear, in India marriage comes with infinite expectations. Men are expected to fulfil certain responsibilities and in trying to do the same, they end up sacrificing a lot of things.

I cannot state the long list of dreams and aspirations that the Indian men have because it varies from person to person. There are a lot of desires that Indian men want to fulfil but marriage overburdens them with responsibilities, hence they are not able to do what they want. This leaves them with a thousand regrets.

As the single Indian man, Bhaveen Sheth, I have only one regret, that of not getting married. That's all.But still I am happy. I have not compromised on my dreams and aspirations.

You get one life, live it large.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Bhaveen Sheth-What does it mean to be a MAN in India

In India, one often gets to read news on the condition of women and how they are discriminated. Stories of their exploitation and ill treatment make it to the front pages of our leading newspapers.However no one is willing to give any consideration to the condition of the common Indian man. It seems that men have become the forgotten or neglected gender in India.

So my dear friends, in a few points below, I would like to enumerate on what does it mean to be a man in India.Please go through the same:

Being a man means that since childhood you will be showered with unnecessary level of affection and love that you don't want or require.

Your physical characteristics will always be compared with other from the time you come in this world.

In many families, the male child becomes the surrogate husband to his mother.

You have to start proving your worth from the time you enter kinder-garden.

Your marks at school define who and what you are, not your individuality.

You are required to be strong and powerful. Crying is not an option.

You become the prized trophy for your parents who love to display you in front of other.

It you and only you who will bear the responsibility of carrying the family name and legacy ahead.

You cannot choose a a career and vocation of your own choice or interest;it is your parents who will decide it.

Your teenage years are filled with misery and tension as you will have to go trough your SSC, HSC and other competitive exams.

You are not given the freedom to develop your own individuality.

Your 20's are filled with an emotional roller coaster ride where you are expected to complete your education, get a good job, that too with a high pay and get married. PHEW!!!

You are expected to have a child within two years of marriage.

No matter how old you get , your parents retain control over you.

You are supposed to be the beast of burden and undertake responsibilities on behalf of all your family members.

You are required to keep everyone happy at the cost of your own happiness.

In order to get married you are supposed to have your own house, preferable a 2 BHK and a fat bank balance.

Not getting married or delaying your married is not an option.

You are forced to follow the norms of the Indian society no matter how pathetic they are.

You constantly live under the fear of EMI's and home loans combined with the threat of loosing your job.

If you happen to live for your self ,the society will make you feel guilty for doing the same.

Remaining a bachelor will automatically make you an outcast within you own society.

You have to get used to all kinds of anti-male, female biased laws in this country.

Taking a divorce from your wife will make you go through an acrimonious legal battle.

You have to get used to the feminist terrorism.

You may end up living a dull, boring and mediocre life.