Monday, March 31, 2014

On men who dishonour the family name

A lot has happened to women in India who have allegedly "dishonored" the family name. They have been murdered in the most gruesome fashion and some have been brutally gang raped. And for what?? Did they break the law??? Did they do something that was wrong???? NO!!!!!

All they did was to live their lives, to indulge in sex, to marry a person who did not belong to their community or for just roaming around with a guy. Is it wrong???? Which law in India stops a person from doing  things that I have mentioned??? Is is a crime to seek love??? Is it a crime to fulfill your carnal desires??? If men have desires so do women??? Why then such a deplorable attitude towards the fairer sex.

And what , what about guys who dishonor the family name?? What about them?? Are they killed or murdered in the manner that girls are??? Are they chopped into pieces??? Are they sodomized by a gang????? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After all they are  boys,  and boys will be boys for the traditional narrow minded patriarchal society!!!!!!!

In this post I would like to share my thoughts on how men in India bring dishonor to the family name, on how their actions can cause a lot of grief and anguish to a lot of families.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A letter to the Tarun Tejpal rape case victim

There is a new era that has dawned in our country. The era of the modern filthy opportunistic feminist and misandrist women.

This is relating to the Tarun Tejpal rape case. It had gained a lot media attention in November 2013, now it has pretty much died down .

But what the single Indian male should know and be careful about ,is of such women whom I have mentioned above. They can be dangerous and can destroy the names and reputations of many good men. I am not taking the side of Tarun Tejpal, he is no saint either, but then he has been accused of something that he did not do. Two people getting carried away because they were heavily drunk  does not make it a serious matter. I am penning my thought on the rise of the so called bubble gum feminists in India, till then , please read the following link.

Kindly leave us alone

My dear single Indian male friends,

Greetings for the day!!!!!

Most of you guys must be enjoying your Sunday, same here. I write down this blog post for  the esteemed members of the Indian society to leave us alone.

Everyone it seems to have  a problem with the single Indian male living alone, why????I don't know dude? Looks like people just don't want to see a man living life all by himself. Home, social functions, office and no matter where you go, you are asked that one irritating question, dude!!! , why are you still single????? When are u getting married???.

So here I begin:

Please leave us alone!!!!! Don't you  have your own life to worry about??? Don't you have your own problems?? Don't you have your own family????

Sunday, March 23, 2014

How the Indian society perceives orphans

Every year I happen to come across new situations, experiences and people. I become wiser.

This post is not about a complaint nor is about ranting on my situation. It is about a few points on how the Indian society perceives and treats the orphaned people.

So how does the Indian society treat us???? The best thing they do is to keep a safe distance from us. We are marginalized, segregated and treated as outcasts. It just seems that people don't want to associate with us.

There are times I feel that being an orphan is a lot worst than being disabled or incapacitated. Our lives are devoid of love and affection.

The general image that people get of an orphan is more from movies. People think that we have grown up in an orphanage home, lived a life of miserly, have bad habits, are criminally minded, have no social skills etc etc.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

A hilarious video on matrimonial meetings

Greetings my friends, I hope you all are doing good. This happens to be one of those short blog posts.

Every single Indian male worth his salt must have gone through the experience of the matrimonial interview. The video shows the same. Though it shows the reality the satire and comedy is amazing.

The wants and demands of women never change and they keep on going up. Please watch the video, I am sure it is going to make your day.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

On the married arrogant average Indian males

Dear All,

Having written on the bragging and the boastful married Indian males, I would now like to dedicate this blog post to the arrogant married Indian males.

Before I begin , a lot of you must be wondering who are these arrogant average married Indian males???? They are the ones you find everywhere,in your housing society, at your workplace, public places, almost anywhere. They are ubiquitous.

But how do they become a problem to us, the single Indian males??? Simple , they show their arrogance that they are married, that they have a fair looking trophy wife ( a prized possession), they have children and are living a so called complete and happy family life.

Such men often look down upon  other single men with contempt and hatred. They often criticize the single men with statements like "You have been left out" " You failed to have a wife"  "You will die alone" "You have no family life and will never learn to enjoy", "You will become a psycho by living alone" and god knows what.