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My Qoura Answer-I am a 32 year old female in India. Is it too late to get married?-Bhaveen Sheth INDIAN MGTOW

The single Indian Male aka Indian MGTOW aka Bhaveen Sheth wrote an answer to this question on Qoura. Please read it below:

Now please bear with me as my answer will be blunt and tell the truth. Unlike all those writers who are giving false hopes by saying that marriage has no age and you are never old to get married and all that b$%^&*it, I reiterate that you are LATE. For the conventional arranged marriage process in our society no one would consider you.
You see , in arranged marriage people are anywhere between the age of 25 to 30 , the age where people have started their careers and are now looking to settle down. By 30 , the majority is married.
A man at the age of 30 would not consider a 32 year old woman. So this leaves you with men within the age range of 32 to 37. Now you will state that these men are old but so are you.
When you are in your 20s , you are good looking and you get approached for matrimonial alliances but for reasons not know many of you women keep rejecting potential grooms as you are waiting for your fantasy Mr.Right who does not exist. Now that you are past 30, you don’t even get good matrimonial alliances.
As you have built high expectations for a future partner you still keep rejecting men and your age goes by.
Most of the single men in their 30’s are certainly not the best in the lot. They are the kind of the filtered out men who for some reason did not find a suitable match through the matrimonial process or have some issues with them.
Post 30 a limited number of women can retain their good looks or figure. Given the fact that a small percentage of women in India takes exercises i.e weight training seriously, we have a great percentage of women in their 30 s who are overweight. And since men prefer thin and lean women , you don’t stand a chance.
Even when your parents are doing their best to show you some decent men , you reject them as they don’t match your expectations but if truth be told , you yourself are an off the shelf product.
Single Indian women post 30 resort to militant feminism by saying that there are no good single Indian men available, the truth is that there are but because of your sky high expectations and unwillingness to compromise or adjust , you don’t get any suitable match. Now you may say that you just can’t marry anyone , OKAY, but do you even give a try. How many of you women who are reading this post have rejected a guy even without meeting him?
And for all those so called Career Oriented women, let me raise the curtains and show you some reality. With some phapda and jalebi degree from some pakoda and bhajiya college affiliated to some sandwich and hamburger university you call yourself educated and work in some back office job doing some boring work and call yourself career oriented. Some of you who are in the IT industry and call themselves IT professionals are stuck in some routine mundane job with limited career progress. SO unless and until you are at some CEO or VP level stop this career woman crap.
You want a guy to be independent and have his own house but tell me what about you? I guess you are still living with your parents and can’t even live independently and still your demands are unreasonable.
Tell me what makes you marriagable? If career wise you are going nowhere, if you can’t bring any value addition in a marriage, if you don’t possess skills required by a homemaker and you don’t have the feminine grace, why should a rational decent man marry you?
You don’t even wish to marry a man who is a divorcee or separated even if he is 32. And most important , you don’t want to shift to a new city where your future groom resides. Why? I don’t know.
The truth is that you are mentally old to get married, you have too may expectations and hence you don’t find a suitable match. This is applicable to all those women within the age range of 31 to 34 looking for marriage. Post 35 , no one would even want you other that 50 plus year old uncles.
Change your thinking and your life will change.
My post may not go well with feminists and feminazis but I have spoken the truth.
This is Bhaveen Sheth signing off for the day and promise to be back with a lot more

Thursday, October 18, 2018

For the Indian man, it is education that crushes his child hood and Marriage that crushes his adulthood-Bhaveen Sheth-Indian MGTOW

A few days back I was reading a book where the author writes on the stress that Indian students face related to examinations , courtesy, our education system and high expectations of Indian parents. I thought over and realized how many Indian men loose the best years of their lives just by studying and rote learning. The age where one has to explore and learn new skills is spent on books. A typical day starts with school, coaching classes and studies at home. Where is the time for hobbies, sports, explorations and life skills?

Late teens and early 20's is all about slogging at colleges for assignments, marks, grades and GPA's and later its is about  placements,jobs and salaries. I mean when we reach 30 and look back, what is it that we have done? Do we have any hobbies? Do we have life skills? Hell , we can't even replace the punctured tyre of our two wheeler or can't even install a new ceiling fan? Have we travelled and done solo back packing anywhere? No!! Not even in India.

And then we as Indian men get married at the right age and after 2 years have a child. Life goes for a toss. It is office and home. Weekends are about going to D Mart/Big Bazaar and Malls or multiplexes. It is home loans, car loans and EMI's.

This is where marriage crushes your adult life. All those dreams and ambitions you had after completing your post graduation and on joining your first job just got fizzled out. I am not saying that marriage is a bad institution. But my point is that as Indian men , we should learn to experience life before tying the knot.

I have seen many married people having regrets on things that they wished for and wanted but  never happened due to the responsibilities that came with marriage.

Hence I write this blogpsot  that  if education destroys childhood then marriage destroys adulthood for men at least in India.

This is Bhaveen Sheth singing off for the day and promise to be back with a lot more.



Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Sometimes they forget that we too are human beings-Bhaveen Sheth-Indian MGTOW

Single Indian men are invisible creatures, they are forgotten and forsaken. No one barring a few have any interest in them. The society does not even consider them as Humans.People forget that we are single due to our circumstances or our own lifestyle choices. There are men who have gone through bitter separations and now wish to have no more of married life, there are men who have walked out of their dysfunctional families and have no one they can relate to and then there are men who are Adult Orphans having no one in this world.

However we too are human beings and we also have feelings,emotions, desires, hopes, hobbies and most important the right to dignified living. Why then are we ridiculed, taunted and put down because of our status?Why does the society shut its door on us and why are we isolated?

There are no definitive answers to what I have asked but the majority should understand that we too are humans and we have an equal right to live and enjoy our lives. The majority of the married folks don't understand, they cannot be empathetic. We are a society where everyone by default follows the rules and by rules it also means that your get married and settle down. The married majority looks upon us the single minority with some sort of prejudice and grudge.

And I say that we too are humans , we are also someone's children just like you are. We too are mortals who are vulnerable and who have made mistakes. We have gone through difficult times and come out of it.

In today's era of  militant and toxic feminism, misandry and gynocentrism, we have to be careful, we have to watch our backs. The women no longer have that grace and feminine values that a man looks for in a woman.The demands and expectations of the Indian women and their parents have made marriage to be extremely difficult. The humiliating experiences faced by many Indian men during matrimonial meets makes them question the very institution of marriage. This sacred institution is now reduced to nothing but materialistic demands made up of a 3 BHK apartment, annual foreign vacations, 1 luxurious car, evening dine outs and god knows what. As Indian men we are nothing but  providers and dispensable ATM cards.

And then you have men with no proper backgrounds, men who have walked away from their dysfunctional families or men who are orphans, these category of men who don't stand a chance of ever getting married because of their family backgrounds. I myself being an Adult Orphan have experienced first hand at the ill treatment of the society. I have no grudge or complaints, I just want to live my life.

There are many Indian men across India who are single by choice, many of them have adopted the MGTOW philosophy, They have nothing to do with marriage or society, these men are making the best to their lives, including me. We read, eat out , watch movies , take vacations, travel, pursue our hobbies and some even have short term flings. We are just living our lives. But then that is where the majority married folks have a problem. They can't see us doing all such things.

Time and again we are told that we are being selfish. Is it selfish to enjoy? Seriously dude! You are so prejudiced. Just thank us for whatever we do, at-least we don't break the law. We are not like those single Haryanvi men who are loaded with testesterone waiting to rape/molest any girl who comes across them. We are well aware of the gynocentric laws in our country and as decent educated law abiding citizens we keep a safe distance from women.

As Single Indian men we have the right to a dignified life. Our solo status is a not disability and we have the right to do things , simple ordinary things that makes us happy. We don't want to be questioned and we don't need any advice. To each one his own.

This is Bhaveen Sheth signing off the day and promise to be back with a lot more.

Avoid negative, depressed, frustrated and toxic Indian men-BHAVEEN SHETH INDIAN MGTOW

The single Indian man writes on the need to avoid toxic Indian men who have a negative influence upon you. Generally your behaviour gets shaped by the people around you and your daily interactions. Interactions with toxic Indian men will drain you emotionally and zap your energy. Mentioned below are the categories of Indian men you must avoid:

The frustrated married men:Being happily married is a myth, especially in India.Many married Indian men are frustrated being stuck in a dysfunctional marriage with spouses they hate. If truth be told, marriage is one big responsibility dumped on them due to parental pressure. Indian men are equally not prepared to take up responsibilities that come up with marriage and parenthood.Two years into a marriage leaves them with disillusionment.They are stuck at being a husband, father, husband, son-in-law and adding to their miseries are home loans, care loans, monthly expenditures etc etc. Many Indian men are denied sex by their wives leaving them sexually frustrated. They crib and complain for no reason, they lech upon young girls and talk bullshit and ridiculous things.Most of their conversations revolves around family and children and keep complaining about their dumb boring mediocre lives.Some will even share stories of their frustrated marriages, toxic spouses and dysfunctional marriages. Interactions with these men will leave you depressed and given young wrong picture about marriage.

The divorced men: If marriages are made in heaven then divorces are made in hell at-least in India. The complicated process of getting a divorce in Indian leaves you emotionally drained and financially bankrupt, courtesy, alimony and child support.Divorce scars a man emotionally.Many divorced men are not able to recover completely from their failed marriages. They carry their pasts like an albatross wrapped around their necks.Here are some of their common characteristics: Being aloof, becoming aggressive, extremely patriarchal, hating the women gender are some common characteristics. They have no hobbies or interests outside work. Some start looking for a soul mate immediately after divorce without introspecting what is wrong with them.Any interaction with them will leave you with a feeling that all Indian women are evil and poisonous.

The frustrated single Man: Now this is a sexually frustrated immature man child who has never grown up an wants to get married by hook or by crook.. Chances are that majority of these Indian men belong to the hinterlands of North Indian or what is known as the BIMARU states ( please google the acronym). For them getting married is a one stop solution to all their problems.And for some reason these men are not getting married.They keep on meeting prospective women and keep getting rejected leaving them disillusioned. Other than this they will blame the whole world for their problems.These men have nothing interesting to do in their lives other than their boring jobs, they have no other interests or hobbies.Any interacting with these men with make you feel worthless and you will get the feeling that solo living is indeed a wrong choice.

Life is all about ups and downs and there are 2 sides to everything . There are men who are happily married and then there are men who went through bad divorces, rehabilitated themselves and went on to live a wonderful life.There are men who are single living an adventurous life.. SO please do not limit your boundaries  based on your interaction with a few men especially the toxic ones.There is no need to associated with toxic men. Identify positive men and develop meaningful relationships with them.

Over the years I have realized that the company and social circle you keep can have a tremendous impact on your personality.If you want to have a vibrant and positive personality then you need to interact with the right kind of people.

This is Bhaveen Sheth signing off for the day and promise to be back with a lot more.

Bhaveen Sheth

Monday, September 3, 2018

Expressing thoughts and feelings through movies

In a short post the single Indian man would like to write his thoughts and feelings on the lives of Indian men, misandry , Gynocentrism and MGTOW PHILOSOPHY. 

Movies are great example showcasing the realities of our society. We get so see everything, right from traditional patriarchy to the rise of the rabid radical third wave feminism. One gets to see how our society has fallen down to low levels. Write ups showcasing movies (both Hollywood and Bollywood) will give a chance to my readers in understanding the underlying themes and taking wisdom from the same.

I hope you will love my upcoming writers.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

A heretic in the world of believers and confirmists-Bhaveen Sheth-DOTSIM

In a world filled with believers and conformists, unmarried single men like me  stand out to be seen as heretics,non conformists and apostates. Our problem is that we refuse to confirm to the rules of the society. We chose to live a life of our own cherishing our independence and solitude. 

We are heretics because as single men we are a minority in a society filled with married people having families.Some of us have happily chosen a solo life and we are living it 100 percent. Our happiness stands out and we become a pain for others. Remember those ancient times when kingdoms used to put God above everything and all subjects were expected to rever the almighty God. Those who rejected the god were branded as heretics and persecuted, some kingdoms showed liniecy and banished or exiled the heretics from the kingdom. This is exactly what is happening today.The single Indian men are being seen as heretics and are facing a similar kind of discrimination.

We need to stand up for ourselves and not give in to the demands of the society. Marriage is a second religion in India and everyone is expected to follow it. But I don't. I have no faith in an institution that is purely formed on the platform of materialistic requirements. Yes and like many single Indian men , I too am a heretic,non believer and non conformist.

This is Bhaveen Sheth signing of for the day and promise to be back with a lot more.

Bhaveen Sheth 
Indian MGTOW

Sunday, May 27, 2018

A divorcee woman keeps me as a backup option-Bhaveen Sheth-DOTSIM-Indian MGTOW

In a short post, I would like to my own experience on how one divorced woman still keeps me a some kind of a backup option.

Around five years ago I met this woman online through  a popular matrimonial site. We spoke to each other for a few days and I did like her. However things fell apart after a month. She seemed to be moody and did not wish to speak. I did not force her. We got connected on Facebook. In early 2015 I saw her status being changed from single to married. I felt happy for her and soon forgot about her.

In October 2015, I got a distress message from her asking me for my cell number. I gave it to her. She immediately called me and stated that her marriage had broken down and was headed for divorce. She wanted to share her problems. I gave her my advice. By the end of 2015, she got separated.At the start of 2016, she again started messaging and calling me, at times speaking to me for hours. I did not mind. She started appreciating me for who I was. But there was one problem, she called me at her convenience but when I called her she would avoid my calls stating that she was in the main hall and her parents were nearby. I did not think much about it. In her talk she revealed the details about her past relationship before marriage, how it broke down and how she desperately took the wrong decision to get married.

In the end of 2016, I was visiting the Western side of the country, solo backpacking and it was her state. I told her if she could make take out some time and meet me for a day so that we would get to know each other. However she relented stating that she could not travel all alone. So much for being a mature independent woman at the age of 33. I did feel disappointed, We continued to message and talk to each other but every time it was at her convenience. I got offended and one day gave her a terse reply. Being sensitive and immature that she is , she got angry. I stopped communicating with her. No calls and no messages . Two months back she called me at 11:45 PM on a weekend, i was about to go to sleep. I took her call and she spoke with me for two hours at a stretch. It was same old story, the poor little her not getting married, being referred to all kinds of weirdos looking to get married and blah blah blah. In the last 5 years of my talk, this woman has never matured. She is still childish who wants to be pampered. Now she is 34 years old, has left her job in the private sector and is preparing for exams in order to get into a government job under the divorcee qouta. Once gain the same thing, she calls at her convenience and when I want to talk, she finds no time. One day I causally discussed that I was planning to relocate to Chandigarh as it was a good city. Well, she just got possessive and started telling how bad the people of that place were. She did not want me to go there. Why? Later I reasoned that she had her own vested interest in me. If nothing worked out, I was her backup option.

So here is a woman who can talk to me but won't meet me. If I state a place that is convenient to both of us in terms of distance, she does not agree. Living at an extreme corner of her own state, travelling there is difficult for me. She calls me at her convenience and  keeps on ranting and whining about her problems. She hardly listens to what I want to say. And later she tries to dominate the decisions of my life.

I know better. She is treating me as a backup option and I am not interested. I won't meet her. PERIOD and END OF STORY. So much for being a nice person.

This is Bhaveen Sheth signing off for the day and promise to be back with a lot more.\\

Bhaveen Sheth