Thursday, August 31, 2017

Indian women oscillate between extremes of patriarchy and femisnism for their own benefits-BHAVEEN SHETH INDIAN MGTOW

At present there is an all out war going on between the patriarchs and feminists in India.The old patriarchal system is now being challenged by the new feminist order.More and more women are defying the rules imposed by the Indian society.The Indian feminist women have spearheaded freedom and liberation for Indian women.

REALLY!!!!!This is a question I would like to ask my readers.Are the Indian women (the so called modern and liberalized) women truly liberated and independent as they proclaim.I have my doubts.

The feminists in the west are independent.They live their lives on their own terms.They work hard,earn a living and pay for their own EMI's on things they buy and assert their individuality.Even if they get married they remain the same and equally contribute as a partner in marriage.

This is certainly not the case with the Indian women.The modern and liberated women make the best use of the misogynist and feminists systems to gain advantage and meet their own vested interests and desires.In the points mentioned below, one will easily understand why they do it.

1. Many women are getting educated or over educated just to get a well qualified groom who earns a handsome salary. Even if these women have a job, they quit it post marriage stating that it is now the responsibility of the husband to take care of them.

2.These women want extreme freedom and extreme protection. They want to go to discotheques and late night parties wearing miniskirts and see through clothes, they want to get drunk, they want to try pot(weed) and get stoned and yet they want the society,the police and the administration to protect them during such dark hours when sexual predators are lurking around waiting to take advantage of a vulnerable prey. I remember, a few years back when Jamia University put restrictions on female students at girls hostel where they were expected to report back by 8 PM.This lead to a huge out cry by young feminist girls who protested by stating that their freedom was being restricted and selective gender discrimination was being practiced by the university. The University authorities had invoked this rule in the wake of the cases of gang rapes and molestations happening in and around Delhi.But see what happened!! A step taken up for the safety of young girls lead to a massive feminist outcry.

3.At workplace too, some women resort to dubious practices. They claim that they are independent and career oriented but deep down they carry a patriarchal mindset.Ask them to stay beyond work hours and they will cite infinite reasons not to, the first one being that of being that they have plenty of responsibilities at home and the fact that they have to juggle between office and work. If a male reporting officer is slightly strict with a female subordinate or were he to give her a honest appraisal based on her poor performance, this woman would go an file a case of sexual harassment against him clearly knowing that it would be ruled in her favour. So much for being a career oriented woman.

4.Marriage is important for all Indian women. Gone are those days when a couple would adjust in a marriage.The feminist Indian women want everything for themselves. The will never marry a man who is having qualifications and earning a salary lower to them.They will even refuse to marry a man who is equal to them. They want the best even though they may be just average or mediocre. As I have mentioned in my previous blog posts, these women love rejecting prospective suitors as they feel that such matches are pathetic. And mind you, these women are educated, earn a good salary and have everything to their disposal and yet they want a guy who is on a higher pedestal both on the social and economic front.Wow! So much for empowerment. In Indian marriages a husband is expected to take up three major responsibilities of being a provider, protector care taker.

Let us not forget of the actual marriage ceremony or what I would say as the big fat Indian wedding. Almost all urban Indian women want a lavish wedding for themselves, they suddenly go on a splurge mode.They will go to the extent of forcing their parents to spend enormous sums of money. Can't these women have a simple marriage? Can't they go for a court marriage?No! These women want the best when it comes to their marriage, it is all about themselves.

5.I now draw the attention of my readers to the social evil of dowry that has been existing in our society for centuries.Education was supposed to reform the society but it did not. The dowry problem has got magnified in India and to a great extent these so called educated liberalized Indian women are responsible for it.In my previous writings I have clearly stated that these Indian women want the best in their grooms. In reality these grooms come at a price and the name of that price is dowry. Many women force their parents to pay up a hefty dowry in order to get married to grooms who earn well. If the marriage turns sour , these women file false cases under their husbands and in-laws under the legal provision of dowry harassment and domestic violence.These women start behaving like victims and accuse their in-laws of torture and harassment.

6. So now lets talk about sex, one of the most controversial issues within the Indian marriage system.Just recently the Indian feminists had demanded a law to be made for marital rape. They want sex within a marriage to be made into a criminal offense. Within a marriage Indian women can deny sex to their husbands, some of them even stray and have extra marital affairs claiming that they are not satisfied with their husbands. And if a man were to do the same he gets accused of adultery.

7.I talk on home responsibilities: Today's Indian women have become allergic at doing housework.Armed with an education and a job, they feel it is below their dignity to do housework.Their first priority after marriage is to hire a maid. Thirty years ago the concept of hiring a maid was restricted only to the rich class.But today even middle class families that run on a tight financial budget hire a house maid. All because of the arrogant women. They won't mop the floors, dust the rooms, cook food and wash dishes.And if you go to the pasts of these women into their childhoods and teenage years , you will realize that they have done all these things.Even in Western countries educated working women do their own housework, they don't hire any maids.

I strongly believe that a couple should be equal partners in the institution of marriage. But is it really so? Not at all. Post marriage many Indian women try to take an upper hand in the marriage.For them marriage is all about independence and liberation. They want their husbands to get them what they want. Another thing observed is that post marriage these women quit their jobs and become stay at home wives.They state that post marriage it is the responsibility of the husband to take care of his wife.They will just not work. Now tell me how do you expect a person to be an equal partner in a marriage if she cannot contribute financially? 

From a strong independent feminist Indian woman who holds a job and earns a decent salary to a full time sit at home wife who claims that as per traditional patriarchal system it is the duty of the husband to take care of his wife. BRAVO INDIAN WOMEN!!! GREAT GOING.

Concluding my post, I draw the attention of my readers on how the Indian women are taking advantage of feminism and patriarchy. This is the true face of so many so called educated modern Indian women. This my friends is a sad reality of our great nation.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

When every Indian female divorcee has the same goddamn story-Bhaveen Sheth DOTSIM

This Single Indian man, Bhaveen Sheth writes on divorced Indian women.Many divorcees opt for a second marriage and if they are questioned on the reasons for getting divorced, they all have one common story. Having met and interacted with many divorcees myself through online matrimonial sites and having heard the stories of many Indian men who have met divorcees for a possible matrimonial alliance, I summarise the commonly repeated stories told by Indian female divorcees.

The divorcee woman will first and foremost always complain about her former husband. She will make him sound like a villain.He will be portrayed as a sadist who had no emotions, remorse or forgiveness.So what was really wrong with him? Well, he was wicked, he used to beat and abuse his spouse, he resorted to physical violence, he was mentally unstable, he was an alcoholic/drug addict/chain smoker, he was a sex maniac and watched pornography 24*7.he was kinky and sadist in the bedroom, he was impotent, he had low self esteem, he suffered from depression,he was not adequately qualified, he could not hold a job for more than six months, he never gave me time, he was immature,he did not grow up to take responsibilities that comes in a marriage,he was a mama's boy, he forced me to get money from my parents even after marriage, he never cared for me,he was still in a relationship with his former girlfriend, he was a miser, he never bought a house or a car,he never gave me my space, he refused to shift out from his parents home and stayed with them. In short he was the worst husband in the world.

Now we come to the other members of the family of the former husband, the father, the mother, the brother, the sister and other close relatives.All of them were villains belonging to different fraternities of  Bollywood movies and Indian television serials.The father in law was a patriarch, misogynist and a male chauvinistic pig.In short he was the dominating  Amrish Puri of the house.The mother in law was an upgraded version of Nirupa Roy, Bindu and Aruna Irani being extremely dominant, dictatorial, controlling and insecure.She had a complete hold over her son and constantly interfered in the marriage.The brother in law was some wayward fellow lost in his own world and in some cases he molested this now divorcee woman who is sitting in front of you and telling you her sad story.The sister in law was an extremely jealous woman , she was a caricature of all those monster sister in laws we get to see on Saas Bahu television series produced by Ekta Kapoor.In short the whole family was villainous and dysfunctional.

Never will one hear any of these women admitting to their own faults or mistakes. In extremely rare cases and that would be like six sigma, a woman may admit that she too was wrong.

To many single Indian men who are looking out for marriage and have met a divorcee, please read my post carefully. If a woman is constantly blaming her former husband and in laws for her failed marriage then there is something that is seriously wrong with her. Just take my advice and avoid such a kind of woman, she will only bring ruin and destruction to your life.

This is Bhaveen Sheth signing off for the day and promise to be back with a lot more.

Bhaveen Sheth